Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1CUSC 08B Thunder105322419518
2FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow65011971215
3PCU 08B Black 24301209119
4WUFC 08B Navy42208268
5PCU 08B Black 1521213947
6Thelo United FC 08B Titans102171029-197
7AUCSC 08B8206926-176
8Bend FC Timbers 08B White5113911-24

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CUSC 08B Thunder1v0Thelo United FC 08B Titans
Thelo United FC 08B Titans1v2FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow
CUSC 08B Thunder3v1Bend FC Timbers 08B White
CUSC 08B Thunder3v1FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow
Thelo United FC 08B Titans0v4Bend FC Timbers 08B White
AUCSC 08B3v1Thelo United FC 08B Titans
CUSC 08B Thunder0v3PCU 08B Black 1
AUCSC 08B0v3FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow
CUSC 08B Thunder3v3PCU 08B Black 1
CUSC 08B Thunder1v1WUFC 08B Navy
Thelo United FC 08B Titans3v9PCU 08B Black 2
AUCSC 08B2v0Bend FC Timbers 08B White
WUFC 08B Navy3v0AUCSC 08B
PCU 08B Black 16v2AUCSC 08B
AUCSC 08B0v5PCU 08B Black 2
CUSC 08B Thunder6v0Thelo United FC 08B Titans
PCU 08B Black 21v6FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow
CUSC 08B Thunder0v5PCU 08B Black 2
Thelo United FC 08B Titans2v0PCU 08B Black 1
AUCSC 08B1v3CUSC 08B Thunder
Thelo United FC 08B Titans1v1WUFC 08B Navy
CUSC 08B Thunder4v4Bend FC Timbers 08B White
FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow2v1PCU 08B Black 1
FCSC 08B Juventus Yellow5v1AUCSC 08B
Thelo United FC 08B Titans2v0Bend FC Timbers 08B White
WUFC 08B Navy3v0Thelo United FC 08B Titans

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