Orange Division 2016/2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Chase Side20124444251940
2Stevenage Borough Falcons18131440301040
3BSCFC Town19123458243439
4Bury Rangers Reds18112548311735
5Broxborne Borough Blues2082102333-1026
6Wormley Blacks167273732523
7Harpenden Lightning135352523218
8Stevenage Adders64111441013
9Broxbourne Borough Royals74031015-512
10Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes1633101939-2012
11Welwyn Peg Sapphires83141818010
12Wormley Reds1531111835-1710
13Cheshunt Blacks180117853-451

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Broxbourne Borough Royals2v0Broxborne Borough Blues
Cheshunt Blacks0v2BSCFC Town
Harpenden Lightning2v1Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Stevenage Borough Falcons2v0Stevenage Adders
Wormley Reds1v1Wormley Blacks
Welwyn Peg Sapphires2v2Chase Side
Bury Rangers Reds0v0Broxborne Borough Blues
BSCFC Town5v0Harpenden Lightning
Cheshunt Blacks1v3Welwyn Peg Sapphires
Wormley Blacks1v4Stevenage Borough Falcons
Chase Side1v1Stevenage Adders
Broxborne Borough Blues1v0Cheshunt Blacks
Bury Rangers Reds4v2BSCFC Town
Wormley Blacks1v3Stevenage Adders
Wormley Reds1v5Welwyn Peg Sapphires
Stevenage Borough Falcons2v0Chase Side
Broxbourne Borough Royals2v0Cheshunt Blacks
Harpenden Lightning0v3Stevenage Borough Falcons
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes0v2Bury Rangers Reds
Welwyn Peg Sapphires2v5Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds1v3Broxborne Borough Blues
Chase Side0v0BSCFC Town
Cheshunt Blacks0v0Harpenden Lightning
Wormley Blacks3v0Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
BSCFC Town4v1Stevenage Borough Falcons
Chase Side1v3Broxbourne Borough Royals
Stevenage Adders3v0Bury Rangers Reds
Wormley Blacks7v1Cheshunt Blacks
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes2v3Wormley Reds
Stevenage Borough Falcons2v1Welwyn Peg Sapphires
BSCFC Town4v5Broxborne Borough Blues
Harpenden Lightning4v1Chase Side
BSCFC Town6v1Broxbourne Borough Royals
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes0v6Harpenden Lightning
Cheshunt Blacks0v3Stevenage Adders
Broxborne Borough Blues1v3Bury Rangers Reds
Broxborne Borough Blues2v0BSCFC Town
Welwyn Peg Sapphires0v3BSCFC Town
Bury Rangers Reds2v2Harpenden Lightning
Broxbourne Borough Royals0v4Stevenage Adders
Stevenage Borough Falcons2v1Cheshunt Blacks
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes2v2Broxborne Borough Blues
Wormley Blacks1v2Chase Side
Broxborne Borough Blues0v1Broxbourne Borough Royals
Bury Rangers Reds3v0Stevenage Borough Falcons
Wormley Blacks3v1Harpenden Lightning
Chase Side3v1Welwyn Peg Sapphires
BSCFC Town8v1Cheshunt Blacks
Welwyn Peg Sapphires4v1Broxbourne Borough Royals
Broxborne Borough Blues0v2Chase Side
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes2v2Stevenage Borough Falcons
Harpenden Lightning2v0Wormley Reds
Bury Rangers Reds3v2Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds0v5Stevenage Borough Falcons
Cheshunt Blacks0v1Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Broxborne Borough Blues0v6Harpenden Lightning
Chase Side5v2Bury Rangers Reds
Stevenage Borough Falcons3v2Broxborne Borough Blues
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes1v0BSCFC Town
Harpenden Lightning0v5Bury Rangers Reds
Wormley Reds0v1Chase Side
Broxborne Borough Blues1v0Cheshunt Blacks
Chase Side2v2Harpenden Lightning
Stevenage Borough Falcons1v0Harpenden Lightning
BSCFC Town3v1Wormley Blacks
Broxborne Borough Blues1v0Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Bury Rangers Reds3v1Wormley Reds
Cheshunt Blacks0v3Chase Side
Cheshunt Blacks0v2Stevenage Borough Falcons
BSCFC Town3v2Bury Rangers Reds
Wormley Reds5v1Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Chase Side2v1Wormley Blacks
Wormley Reds1v3BSCFC Town
Wormley Blacks2v1Broxborne Borough Blues
Stevenage Borough Falcons5v4Bury Rangers Reds
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes1v5Chase Side
Bury Rangers Reds3v1Cheshunt Blacks
Broxborne Borough Blues0v2Stevenage Borough Falcons
BSCFC Town1v1Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Chase Side3v0Wormley Reds
Cheshunt Blacks1v3Broxborne Borough Blues
Wormley Blacks2v7Bury Rangers Reds
Stevenage Borough Falcons1v5BSCFC Town
Wormley Reds5v1Cheshunt Blacks
Chase Side3v0Broxborne Borough Blues
Broxborne Borough Blues1v0Wormley Reds
Cheshunt Blacks0v4Wormley Blacks
Bury Rangers Reds3v2Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
BSCFC Town4v1Chase Side
Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes3v1Cheshunt Blacks
Wormley Blacks2v2BSCFC Town
Wormley Reds0v1Bury Rangers Reds
Chase Side5v0Stevenage Borough Falcons
Stevenage Borough Falcons3v2Welwyn Garden City Hurricanes
Bury Rangers Reds1v2Chase Side
BSCFC Town3v0Wormley Reds
Broxborne Borough Blues0v1Wormley Blacks

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