Offa Local leagues 7th Edition 2016/2017 Division ONE Group A Table

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1JK FC 12651189923
2Daland FC 12633138521
3Igbonna FC 125431912719
4Shabal Water 124531718-117
5UNITY FC 124351315-215
6Ajoke Water 123541213-114
7Shooting Star Offa 120391229-173

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Daland FC 2v1Shabal Water
Ajoke Water 2v2Shooting Star Offa
Shooting Star Offa 3v5Igbonna FC
UNITY FC 0v1Daland FC
JK FC 0v0Ajoke Water
Shooting Star Offa 0v3UNITY FC
Igbonna FC 0v0Shabal Water
JK FC 1v0Daland FC
Shooting Star Offa 1v1Ajoke Water
Shooting Star Offa 0v3JK FC
Igbonna FC 0v1Daland FC
Shabal Water 1v4Ajoke Water
Shooting Star Offa 1v2Shabal Water
Ajoke Water 1v0UNITY FC
Igbonna FC 1v1JK FC
Ajoke Water 0v1Igbonna FC
UNITY FC 1v4Shabal Water
Daland FC 2v0Shooting Star Offa
Shabal Water 2v1Shooting Star Offa
Ajoke Water 1v1Shabal Water
JK FC 1v1Shabal Water
Shabal Water 3v3JK FC
Ajoke Water 0v2JK FC
JK FC 2v0Shooting Star Offa
UNITY FC 3v1Shooting Star Offa
Shabal Water 1v1UNITY FC
UNITY FC 1v0Ajoke Water
UNITY FC 1v0Igbonna FC
Igbonna FC 2v2UNITY FC
JK FC 0v3Igbonna FC
Igbonna FC 2v1Shooting Star Offa
Igbonna FC 1v2Ajoke Water
Igbonna FC 3v0Shabal Water
Shabal Water 1v0Daland FC
Daland FC 0v1JK FC
Daland FC 1v1Igbonna FC
Shooting Star Offa 2v2Daland FC
Daland FC 1v0UNITY FC
Daland FC 2v0Ajoke Water
Ajoke Water 1v1Daland FC

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