Oakham Ales Winter league 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andy Sharpe 118036264351918
2Tom Reed11803590528628
3Colin Pummell 117045884801087
4Steve Smith 117045704691017
5Malcolm Dugdale 11605555543126
6Neil Strachan 11506543510335
7Mick Newsome 1150659258665
8John Hall11506577601-245
9Les Carter 11506494647-1535
10Graham Lucas11407526552-264
11Ian Bird11308451598-1473
12Rich Warren11308473636-1633

Viewed 862 times

Andy Sharpe 59v18Steve Smith
Les Carter 61v58Graham Lucas
Malcolm Dugdale 55v30Ian Bird
Tom Reed53v46Andy Sharpe
Ian Bird52v39Mick Newsome
Graham Lucas30v88Mick Newsome
Mick Newsome 60v51Tom Reed
Ian Bird62v28Steve Smith
Colin Pummell 79v32John Hall
Graham Lucas57v35Ian Bird
Mick Newsome 68v53Neil Strachan
Mick Newsome 60v36Malcolm Dugdale
Les Carter 47v31Rich Warren
Neil Strachan 29v63Colin Pummell
Tom Reed64v48Colin Pummell
Tom Reed55v46Steve Smith
Tom Reed49v39John Hall
Les Carter 25v84Steve Smith
Les Carter 38v55Malcolm Dugdale
Colin Pummell 58v40Rich Warren
Malcolm Dugdale 54v46Graham Lucas
Rich Warren27v77Steve Smith
Graham Lucas37v48Colin Pummell
Graham Lucas63v25Neil Strachan
Rich Warren96v34John Hall
Neil Strachan 69v20Ian Bird
Neil Strachan 61v55John Hall
Neil Strachan 74v15Rich Warren
John Hall64v39Ian Bird
Tom Reed36v75Malcolm Dugdale
Tom Reed55v42Ian Bird
Rich Warren50v31Ian Bird
Malcolm Dugdale 48v53Steve Smith
Malcolm Dugdale 50v39Colin Pummell
Mick Newsome 33v50Andy Sharpe
Les Carter 32v71Andy Sharpe
John Hall36v63Andy Sharpe
John Hall59v54Mick Newsome
Andy Sharpe 82v29Colin Pummell
Les Carter 59v43Neil Strachan
Andy Sharpe 49v37Neil Strachan
Tom Reed63v41Rich Warren
John Hall25v67Steve Smith
Les Carter 27v46Colin Pummell
Les Carter 59v66Mick Newsome
Les Carter 63v45Ian Bird
Mick Newsome 33v66Colin Pummell
John Hall62v39Graham Lucas
John Hall70v29Malcolm Dugdale
Andy Sharpe 54v50Malcolm Dugdale
Andy Sharpe 56v37Rich Warren
John Hall101v25Les Carter
Graham Lucas64v31Rich Warren
Graham Lucas43v48Tom Reed
Les Carter 58v47Tom Reed
Neil Strachan 30v69Tom Reed
Ian Bird60v54Andy Sharpe
Ian Bird35v64Colin Pummell
Steve Smith 51v48Colin Pummell
Steve Smith 58v39Graham Lucas
Andy Sharpe 42v50Graham Lucas
Rich Warren68v52Mick Newsome
Steve Smith 62v39Mick Newsome
Steve Smith 26v42Neil Strachan
Malcolm Dugdale 23v80Neil Strachan
Malcolm Dugdale 80v37Rich Warren

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