Oakham Ales summer 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Neil Strachan 8602416335816
2Andy Sharpe 75023932721215
3Malc Dugdale 7403342284584
4Les Carter 6402337279584
5Colin Pummell 7403364316484
6Mick Newsome 8404325425-1004
7John Hall6303319244753
8Graham Lucas 630327527323
9Johnny Ward6303224345-1213
10Mick Henfrey7205293376-832
11Paul Field6105276289-131
12Pete Wright6105219345-1261

Viewed 366 times

Mick Newsome 41v39Malc Dugdale
Mick Newsome 38v57Colin Pummell
Mick Newsome 54v39Pete Wright
Malc Dugdale 44v41Colin Pummell
Les Carter 71v43Neil Strachan
Colin Pummell 40v54Mick Henfrey
Andy Sharpe 53v24Mick Henfrey
Andy Sharpe 75v33Les Carter
Graham Lucas 30v34Neil Strachan
Mick Newsome 54v40Paul Field
Neil Strachan 55v47Paul Field
Graham Lucas 67v41Paul Field
Graham Lucas 46v57Mick Newsome
Colin Pummell 51v43Andy Sharpe
Johnny Ward24v72Neil Strachan
Johnny Ward55v36Andy Sharpe
Neil Strachan 61v47Colin Pummell
Mick Henfrey42v69John Hall
Graham Lucas 12v74John Hall
Graham Lucas 45v41Mick Henfrey
Les Carter 64v27Mick Henfrey
Les Carter 60v35John Hall
Pete Wright48v37Paul Field
Johnny Ward46v41Malc Dugdale
Johnny Ward16v79Paul Field
Malc Dugdale 49v32Paul Field
Malc Dugdale 64v24Pete Wright
Johnny Ward57v42Pete Wright
Johnny Ward26v75Graham Lucas
Andy Sharpe 72v22Mick Newsome
John Hall34v39Neil Strachan
John Hall36v55Andy Sharpe
Neil Strachan 51v59Andy Sharpe
Neil Strachan 61v23Mick Newsome
John Hall71v36Mick Newsome
Colin Pummell 60v49Les Carter
Malc Dugdale 66v40Mick Henfrey
Colin Pummell 68v27Pete Wright
Les Carter 60v39Malc Dugdale
Mick Henfrey65v39Pete Wright

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