NNL Table 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Heartland FC32187734211361
2Go Round FC321831136211557
3Bayelsa Utd321510733221155
4Delta Force321661030201054
5Crown FC32155123324950
6Gateway Utd32155123334-150
7Osun Utd FC32146123027348
8Warri Wolves32145133429547
9Papilo FC321011112627-141
10Bendel Insurance32125152931-241
11Ikorodu Utd32125152426-241
12Akwa Starlets32108142427-338
13Nnewi Utd32115163040-1038
14Abia Comets32108142131-1038
15AS Racine32107153844-637
16Unicem Rovers3298151927-835
17First Bank3286182346-2330

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Gateway Utd3v1Nnewi Utd
Go Round FC4v0First Bank
Heartland FC0v0Delta Force
Ikorodu Utd2v0Crown FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Bayelsa Utd
Papilo FC1v0AS Racine
Unicem Rovers0v0Akwa Starlets
Warri Wolves3v0Abia Comets
Bendel Insurance1v0Osun Utd FC
Gateway Utd0v1Warri Wolves
Nnewi Utd2v1Go Round FC
First Bank0v1Heartland FC
Delta Force1v0Ikorodu Utd
Bayelsa Utd1v0Papilo FC
AS Racine1v0Unicem Rovers
Akwa Starlets1v0Abia Comets
Papilo FC1v0Bendel Insurance
Abia Comets1v1AS Racine
Ikorodu Utd1v0First Bank
Unicem Rovers1v1Bayelsa Utd
Warri Wolves2v1Akwa Starlets
Osun Utd FC1v0Crown FC
Go Round FC2v0Gateway Utd
Heartland FC1v0Nnewi Utd
AS Racine3v1Akwa Starlets
Bayelsa Utd5v1Abia Comets
Bendel Insurance1v1Unicem Rovers
Crown FC1v0Papilo FC
Delta Force2v0Osun Utd FC
Nnewi Utd2v0Ikorodu Utd
Gateway Utd2v1Heartland FC
Go Round FC1v0Warri Wolves
Heartland FC0v0Go Round FC
Ikorodu Utd1v0Gateway Utd
Osun Utd FC3v1First Bank
Papilo FC2v2Delta Force
Unicem Rovers1v0Crown FC
Abia Comets1v0Bendel Insurance
Akwa Starlets0v0Bayelsa Utd
Warri Wolves2v1AS Racine
Bayelsa Utd3v1AS Racine
Bendel Insurance1v0Akwa Starlets
Crown FC0v0Abia Comets
Delta Force2v1Unicem Rovers
First Bank1v1Papilo FC
Nnewi Utd2v2Osun Utd FC
Go Round FC2v0Ikorodu Utd
Heartland FC2v1Warri Wolves
Ikorodu Utd0v0Heartland FC
Osun Utd FC2v0Gateway Utd
Papilo FC2v0Nnewi Utd
Unicem Rovers1v0First Bank
Abia Comets1v0Delta Force
Akwa Starlets1v0Crown FC
AS Racine2v0Bendel Insurance
Warri Wolves1v0Bayelsa Utd
Bendel Insurance0v0Bayelsa Utd
Crown FC1v0AS Racine
Delta Force2v0Akwa Starlets
First Bank2v0Abia Comets
Nnewi Utd1v0Unicem Rovers
Gateway Utd2v1Papilo FC
Go Round FC2v0Osun Utd FC
Ikorodu Utd2v0Warri Wolves
Osun Utd FC3v1Heartland FC
Papilo FC1v0Go Round FC
Unicem Rovers2v0Gateway Utd
Abia Comets1v0Nnewi Utd
Akwa Starlets1v0First Bank
AS Racine2v1Delta Force
Bayelsa Utd1v1Crown FC
Warri Wolves3v2Bendel Insurance
Crown FC3v0Bendel Insurance
Delta Force1v1Bayelsa Utd
First Bank1v0AS Racine
Nnewi Utd1v0Akwa Starlets
Gateway Utd1v0Abia Comets
Go Round FC2v0Unicem Rovers
Heartland FC1v0Papilo FC
Ikorodu Utd2v0Osun Utd FC
Papilo FC0v0Ikorodu Utd
Unicem Rovers0v0Heartland FC
Abia Comets2v1Go Round FC
Akwa Starlets2v0Gateway Utd
AS Racine3v0Nnewi Utd
Bayelsa Utd2v0First Bank
Bendel Insurance2v0Delta Force
Warri Wolves1v0Crown FC
Delta Force2v0Crown FC
First Bank2v0Bendel Insurance
Nnewi Utd0v1Bayelsa Utd
Gateway Utd1v0AS Racine
Go Round FC1v0Akwa Starlets
Heartland FC1v0Abia Comets
Ikorodu Utd2v0Unicem Rovers
Osun Utd FC1v0Warri Wolves
Papilo FC2v1Osun Utd FC
Abia Comets1v0Ikorodu Utd
Akwa Starlets1v2Heartland FC
AS Racine3v1Go Round FC
Bayelsa Utd2v1Gateway Utd
Bendel Insurance1v0Nnewi Utd
Crown FC2v0First Bank
Warri Wolves1v0Delta Force
First Bank1v3Delta Force
Nnewi Utd3v1Crown FC
Gateway Utd2v1Bendel Insurance
Go Round FC1v0Bayelsa Utd
Heartland FC2v1AS Racine
Ikorodu Utd2v0Akwa Starlets
Osun Utd FC1v0Unicem Rovers
Papilo FC2v1Warri Wolves
Unicem Rovers0v0Papilo FC
Abia Comets0v0Osun Utd FC
AS Racine0v1Ikorodu Utd
Bayelsa Utd2v0Heartland FC
Bendel Insurance2v0Go Round FC
Crown FC3v0Gateway Utd
Delta Force2v0Nnewi Utd
Warri Wolves3v0First Bank
Nnewi Utd3v0First Bank
Gateway Utd2v0Delta Force
Go Round FC1v0Crown FC
Heartland FC1v0Bendel Insurance
Ikorodu Utd1v0Bayelsa Utd
Osun Utd FC0v0Akwa Starlets
Papilo FC2v0Abia Comets
Unicem Rovers1v1Warri Wolves
Abia Comets3v0Unicem Rovers
Akwa Starlets2v0Papilo FC
AS Racine1v1Osun Utd FC
Bendel Insurance2v0Ikorodu Utd
Crown FC0v0Heartland FC
First Bank3v1Gateway Utd
Delta Force1v0Go Round FC
Warri Wolves2v0Nnewi Utd
Unicem Rovers1v0Abia Comets
Papilo FC1v0Akwa Starlets
Osun Utd FC3v1AS Racine
Ikorodu Utd1v0Bendel Insurance
Heartland FC1v0Crown FC
Go Round FC2v0Delta Force
Gateway Utd3v0First Bank
Nnewi Utd2v0Warri Wolves
First Bank1v1Nnewi Utd
Delta Force2v0Gateway Utd
Crown FC1v0Go Round FC
Bendel Insurance1v0Heartland FC
Bayelsa Utd1v0Ikorodu Utd
Akwa Starlets1v0Osun Utd FC
Abia Comets0v0Papilo FC
Warri Wolves1v0Unicem Rovers
Papilo FC1v0Unicem Rovers
Osun Utd FC1v0Abia Comets
Ikorodu Utd2v3AS Racine
Heartland FC3v1Bayelsa Utd
Go Round FC1v0Bendel Insurance
Gateway Utd1v0Crown FC
Nnewi Utd1v0Delta Force
First Bank0v0Warri Wolves
Delta Force1v0First Bank
Crown FC4v1Nnewi Utd
Bendel Insurance2v0Gateway Utd
Bayelsa Utd0v0Go Round FC
AS Racine2v1Heartland FC
Akwa Starlets2v0Ikorodu Utd
Unicem Rovers2v0Osun Utd FC
Warri Wolves3v0Papilo FC
Osun Utd FC0v0Papilo FC
Ikorodu Utd1v0Abia Comets
Heartland FC2v0Akwa Starlets
Go Round FC1v0AS Racine
Gateway Utd1v1Bayelsa Utd
Nnewi Utd2v1Bendel Insurance
First Bank1v1Crown FC
Delta Force1v0Warri Wolves
Crown FC2v1Delta Force
Bendel Insurance2v0First Bank
Bayelsa Utd1v0Nnewi Utd
AS Racine1v1Gateway Utd
Akwa Starlets2v1Go Round FC
Abia Comets1v3Heartland FC
Unicem Rovers0v0Ikorodu Utd
Warri Wolves1v0Osun Utd FC
Ikorodu Utd1v0Papilo FC
Heartland FC1v0Unicem Rovers
Go Round FC2v0Abia Comets
Gateway Utd2v0Akwa Starlets
Nnewi Utd1v0AS Racine
First Bank1v0Bayelsa Utd
Delta Force1v0Bendel Insurance
Crown FC2v0Warri Wolves
Bendel Insurance3v0Crown FC
Bayelsa Utd1v0Delta Force
AS Racine3v3First Bank
Akwa Starlets1v1Nnewi Utd
Abia Comets1v0Gateway Utd
Unicem Rovers1v0Go Round FC
Papilo FC1v1Heartland FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Ikorodu Utd
Heartland FC2v0Osun Utd FC
Go Round FC3v1Papilo FC
Gateway Utd2v1Unicem Rovers
Nnewi Utd2v2Abia Comets
First Bank1v0Akwa Starlets
Delta Force2v0AS Racine
Crown FC3v0Bayelsa Utd
Bendel Insurance1v1Warri Wolves
Bayelsa Utd1v1Bendel Insurance
AS Racine1v3Crown FC
Akwa Starlets0v0Delta Force
Abia Comets2v0First Bank
Unicem Rovers3v1Nnewi Utd
Papilo FC0v0Gateway Utd
Osun Utd FC2v1Go Round FC
Warri Wolves2v1Ikorodu Utd
Heartland FC1v0Ikorodu Utd
Gateway Utd2v1Osun Utd FC
Nnewi Utd2v1Papilo FC
First Bank2v0Unicem Rovers
Delta Force0v0Abia Comets
Crown FC1v0Akwa Starlets
Bendel Insurance1v1AS Racine
Bayelsa Utd2v1Warri Wolves
AS Racine1v1Bayelsa Utd
Akwa Starlets3v1Bendel Insurance
Abia Comets1v0Crown FC
Unicem Rovers0v1Delta Force
Papilo FC3v0First Bank
Osun Utd FC2v0Nnewi Utd
Ikorodu Utd2v2Go Round FC
Warri Wolves1v2Heartland FC
Go Round FC1v0Heartland FC
Gateway Utd2v1Ikorodu Utd
First Bank1v1Osun Utd FC
Delta Force0v0Papilo FC
Crown FC1v0Unicem Rovers
Bendel Insurance1v0Abia Comets
Bayelsa Utd2v1Akwa Starlets
AS Racine2v1Warri Wolves
Akwa Starlets3v0AS Racine
Abia Comets0v0Bayelsa Utd
Unicem Rovers1v0Bendel Insurance
Papilo FC1v1Crown FC
Osun Utd FC1v0Delta Force
Ikorodu Utd1v1Nnewi Utd
Heartland FC1v1Gateway Utd
Warri Wolves0v1Go Round FC
Gateway Utd1v0Go Round FC
Nnewi Utd0v1Heartland FC
First Bank1v0Ikorodu Utd
Crown FC1v0Osun Utd FC
Bendel Insurance2v1Papilo FC
Bayelsa Utd1v0Unicem Rovers
AS Racine3v2Abia Comets
Akwa Starlets0v0Warri Wolves
Abia Comets0v0Akwa Starlets
Unicem Rovers1v0AS Racine
Papilo FC0v1Bayelsa Utd
Osun Utd FC2v0Bendel Insurance
Ikorodu Utd0v1Delta Force
Heartland FC2v1First Bank
Go Round FC1v0Nnewi Utd
Warri Wolves1v1Gateway Utd
Nnewi Utd0v1Gateway Utd
First Bank0v1Go Round FC
Delta Force1v0Heartland FC
Crown FC1v0Ikorodu Utd
Bayelsa Utd1v0Osun Utd FC
AS Racine1v1Papilo FC
Akwa Starlets1v1Unicem Rovers
Abia Comets1v0Warri Wolves

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