Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Atlanta flyers12100243019024030
2San Antonio drizzlers11100130011019030
3Baltimore riders13100338923415530
4Denver rabbits1110013442489630
5Boston fighters1290334623611027
6Dallas vipers1080237725612124
7Philadelphia storms87012932336021
8Seattle eagles64021741353912
9Minnesota kings74031991693012
10Golden state blue jays10406306341-3512
11Pittsburgh Gaters8314184227-4310
12San Diego sharks 530213012559
13Washington redheads6303124140-169
14Arizona locks6303107123-169
15Kansas city bolts7304175200-259
16Oklahoma city turbo chargers7304182210-289
17Miami macs7304120153-339
18Portland biocats5302137172-359
19San Francisco steelers8305188229-419
20Indiana 69ers6213111149-387
21Cleveland flamers520312212206
22Houston shadows7205163196-336
23Chicago bulls dogs520395131-366
24New Orleans Butlers520371148-776
25Brooklyn scopes8206136240-1046
26Orlando jackets5104144149-53
27Tampa bay lazers6105136166-303
28Utah freezers510497129-323
29Memphis juggernauts5104122168-463
30Sacramento bullets6105137188-513
31Milwaukee ducks510479131-523
32Jacksonville super bees510470125-553
33New York jacks7106125193-683
34Los Angeles Astros7106149219-703
35Detroit mustangs610579156-773

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Baltimore riders21v10San Francisco steelers
Boston fighters30v24Dallas vipers
San Antonio drizzlers35v24Golden state blue jays
Atlanta flyers17v10Milwaukee ducks
Denver rabbits34v25Indiana 69ers
Baltimore riders26v33Denver rabbits
Orlando jackets37v40Utah freezers
Tampa bay lazers30v34Sacramento bullets
Pittsburgh Gaters40v36Houston shadows
Denver rabbits44v24New York jacks
Golden state blue jays26v42Dallas vipers
Boston fighters17v29Arizona locks
Philadelphia storms49v43San Francisco steelers
Cleveland flamers40v26Oklahoma city turbo chargers
Washington redheads33v29Tampa bay lazers
San Antonio drizzlers10v11San Diego sharks
Kansas city bolts18v38Atlanta flyers
San Francisco steelers35v22Miami macs
Dallas vipers47v26Houston shadows
Brooklyn scopes27v43Philadelphia storms
Detroit mustangs17v40Baltimore riders
Los Angeles Astros27v44Denver rabbits
San Antonio drizzlers37v16Pittsburgh Gaters
Atlanta flyers44v26Memphis juggernauts
Boston fighters13v27Denver rabbits
Los Angeles Astros20v35Boston fighters
Baltimore riders32v16Jacksonville super bees
Boston fighters31v16Golden state blue jays
Atlanta flyers45v17Brooklyn scopes
Boston fighters47v15Los Angeles Astros
Minnesota kings35v38Portland biocats
Golden state blue jays23v35Philadelphia storms
Sacramento bullets17v41Denver rabbits
Seattle eagles34v9Brooklyn scopes
Chicago bulls dogs10v24Detroit mustangs
Miami macs27v24Baltimore riders
Denver rabbits34v16Washington redheads
Oklahoma city turbo chargers24v42Dallas vipers
Houston shadows7v10San Antonio drizzlers
Golden state blue jays38v31Atlanta flyers
Seattle eagles34v21New York jacks
Indiana 69ers10v42Atlanta flyers
Baltimore riders17v10Brooklyn scopes
Minnesota kings10v27San Antonio drizzlers
Philadelphia storms44v28Pittsburgh Gaters
Boston fighters43v38Golden state blue jays
Dallas vipers34v43Kansas city bolts
San Antonio drizzlers41v3New Orleans Butlers
Baltimore riders27v3New York jacks
Atlanta flyers35v38Minnesota kings
Sacramento bullets39v41Portland biocats
Jacksonville super bees21v30Chicago bulls dogs
Memphis juggernauts21v47Baltimore riders
Tampa bay lazers31v38San Diego sharks
Philadelphia storms40v38Cleveland flamers
San Francisco steelers17v30Boston fighters
Detroit mustangs7v38Los Angeles Astros
Brooklyn scopes13v41Minnesota kings
Oklahoma city turbo chargers43v38Kansas city bolts
New Orleans Butlers14v35Indiana 69ers
Utah freezers27v34Milwaukee ducks
Atlanta flyers35v0Miami macs
San Antonio drizzlers41v16Seattle eagles
Washington redheads19v34Dallas vipers
Orlando jackets27v34Memphis juggernauts
Miami macs27v7San Francisco steelers
San Diego sharks 27v30New Orleans Butlers
Baltimore riders42v16Denver rabbits
Dallas vipers38v24Golden state blue jays
Pittsburgh Gaters17v34Atlanta flyers
Houston shadows3v35Boston fighters
Portland biocats0v27San Antonio drizzlers
Cleveland flamers24v14Sacramento bullets
Arizona locks17v13New York jacks
Golden state blue jays45v27Chicago bulls dogs
Minnesota kings30v14Tampa bay lazers
Kansas city bolts31v37Denver rabbits
Jacksonville super bees20v10Detroit mustangs
Philadelphia storms39v23Los Angeles Astros
New York jacks27v30Washington redheads
Indiana 69ers10v35San Antonio drizzlers
Baltimore riders25v14Oklahoma city turbo chargers
San Francisco steelers27v36Orlando jackets
Milwaukee ducks26v33Philadelphia storms
Boston fighters18v14Sacramento bullets
New Orleans Butlers21v14Miami macs
Arizona locks12v27Seattle eagles
Houston shadows24v35Oklahoma city turbo chargers
Brooklyn scopes24v40Dallas vipers
Baltimore riders40v43Pittsburgh Gaters
Milwaukee ducks6v47Atlanta flyers
Jacksonville super bees10v33Houston shadows
Seattle eagles38v42Golden state blue jays
Utah freezers10v21Chicago bulls dogs
Utah freezers10v16Tampa bay lazers
Tampa bay lazers16v21Arizona locks
San Antonio drizzlers24v3Kansas city bolts
Milwaukee ducks3v7Denver rabbits
Pittsburgh Gaters10v10Indiana 69ers
New York jacks14v21Indiana 69ers
San Francisco steelers35v34Orlando jackets
Oklahoma city turbo chargers30v38Portland biocats
Memphis juggernauts21v27Miami macs
Dallas vipers35v20Cleveland flamers
Brooklyn scopes27v14Los Angeles Astros
Boston fighters27v30San Diego sharks
Arizona locks7v20Washington redheads
Minnesota kings24v35Kansas city bolts
Detroit mustangs14v27Baltimore riders
Houston shadows34v19Sacramento bullets
Arizona locks21v30Golden state blue jays
Memphis juggernauts20v23New York jacks
Seattle eagles25v10Philadelphia storms
Detroit mustangs7v21Minnesota kings
Brooklyn scopes9v6Washington redheads
Boston fighters20v3Jacksonville super bees
Atlanta flyers31v3New Orleans Butlers
San Francisco steelers14v10Pittsburgh Gaters
Los Angeles Astros12v20Pittsburgh Gaters
Denver rabbits27v24San Diego sharks
Dallas vipers41v20Portland biocats
Miami macs3v10Oklahoma city turbo chargers
Kansas city bolts7v0Cleveland flamers
Orlando jackets10v13San Antonio drizzlers
Baltimore riders21v10Utah freezers
Atlanta flyers31v7Chicago bulls dogs

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