NFA Khomas Second Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Eleven Champions26193490286260
3Afrika Rassap26183575443157
4NUST fc26165564313353
5Kingston 26153850331748
6City Boys2612773324943
7Young Ones fc261331069531642
9Namib Eagles fc26105114448-435
10Golden Rivers2683153244-1227
11Java Java fc26541733100-6719
12Namib Colts2652192664-3817
13Falcon fc2634192569-4413
14Impala Chiefs2641212683-5713

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Swallows1v0Eleven Champions
Rockstones0v1Impala Chiefs
Kingston 2v1Namib Eagles fc
City Boys3v1Afrika Rassap
Java Java fc1v1Golden Rivers
Falcon fc0v3Namib Colts
Young Ones fc2v1NUST fc
Afrika Rassap4v3Falcon fc
Golden Rivers3v0Namib Colts
City Boys1v0Kingston
Java Java fc2v1Rockstones
NUST fc0v1Namib Eagles fc
Swallows6v3Young Ones fc
Kingston 4v0Namib Colts
Golden Rivers0v2Falcon fc
Eleven Champions5v0Impala Chiefs
Afrika Rassap5v0Namib Colts
Afrika Rassap2v0Golden Rivers
NUST fc1v3Swallows
City Boys1v1Namib Eagles fc
Rockstones1v0Falcon fc
Impala Chiefs1v8Young Ones fc
Eleven Champions18v0Java Java fc
NUST fc3v0Impala Chiefs
Kingston 2v0Golden Rivers
Namib Eagles fc1v1Swallows
City Boys1v1Namib Colts
Falcon fc1v2Eleven Champions
Young Ones fc4v0Java Java fc
Afrika Rassap3v2Rockstones
Young Ones fc2v0Falcon fc
Kingston 1v0Rockstones
NUST fc2v1Java Java fc
Afrika Rassap2v5Eleven Champions
Golden Rivers1v0City Boys
Swallows9v0Impala Chiefs
Namib Colts3v0Namib Eagles fc
Rockstones1v0Golden Rivers
NUST fc2v0Falcon fc
Impala Chiefs1v7Namib Eagles fc
Swallows1v0Java Java fc
Afrika Rassap3v3Young Ones fc
City Boys0v4Rockstones
Eleven Champions6v0Kingston
Impala Chiefs1v3Java Java fc
Rockstones3v2Namib Colts
NUST fc1v2Afrika Rassap
City Boys0v2Eleven Champions
Swallows6v0Falcon fc
Kingston 4v1Young Ones fc
Golden Rivers1v2Namib Eagles fc
Kingston 1v2NUST fc
Afrika Rassap1v1Swallows
Java Java fc1v3Namib Eagles fc
Namib Colts1v2Eleven Champions
City Boys1v2Young Ones fc
Impala Chiefs1v2Falcon fc
Golden Rivers0v1Eleven Champions
Java Java fc2v0Falcon fc
Kingston 1v3Swallows
Young Ones fc3v0Namib Colts
Rockstones2v0Namib Eagles fc
Afrika Rassap2v0Impala Chiefs
NUST fc1v1City Boys
Young Ones fc0v2Namib Eagles fc
Java Java fc1v4Kingston
Afrika Rassap5v1Java Java fc
Golden Rivers2v1Young Ones fc
Swallows2v0City Boys
Eleven Champions2v0Rockstones
Namib Eagles fc3v2Falcon fc
NUST fc2v1Namib Colts
Kingston 1v2Impala Chiefs
NUST fc2v1Golden Rivers
Namib Colts0v2Swallows
Namib Eagles fc1v3Eleven Champions
Rockstones2v3Young Ones fc
Impala Chiefs0v1City Boys
Kingston 4v0Falcon fc
Young Ones fc3v4Eleven Champions
City Boys1v0Java Java fc
Namib Eagles fc1v3Afrika Rassap
Swallows1v1Golden Rivers
NUST fc1v0Rockstones
Namib Colts0v3Impala Chiefs
Java Java fc0v3Namib Colts
Falcon fc3v3City Boys
Impala Chiefs1v2Golden Rivers
Kingston 0v3Afrika Rassap
NUST fc3v2Eleven Champions
Namib Eagles fc3v1Impala Chiefs
Rockstones4v0Falcon fc
Eleven Champions5v1Namib Colts
Swallows5v2Impala Chiefs
Falcon fc1v3Eleven Champions
Afrika Rassap2v1Impala Chiefs
Namib Colts3v2Namib Eagles fc
Impala Chiefs1v2Rockstones
Young Ones fc2v2NUST fc
Namib Colts1v0Falcon fc
Namib Eagles fc1v0Kingston
City Boys1v2Afrika Rassap
Swallows1v1Eleven Champions
Golden Rivers5v1Java Java fc
Golden Rivers3v0Falcon fc
Eleven Champions5v1Impala Chiefs
Rockstones5v0Java Java fc
Swallows3v0Young Ones fc
Namib Colts0v2Afrika Rassap
Kingston 0v2City Boys
NUST fc11v0Namib Eagles fc
Java Java fc0v7Eleven Champions
Young Ones fc5v0Impala Chiefs
Afrika Rassap3v0Golden Rivers
Kingston 1v0Namib Colts
Namib Eagles fc2v2City Boys
Swallows2v2NUST fc
Swallows1v1Namib Eagles fc
Impala Chiefs2v3NUST fc
Afrika Rassap0v0Kingston
Afrika Rassap5v2Rockstones
City Boys1v0Namib Colts
Kingston 3v1Golden Rivers
Young Ones fc6v1Java Java fc
Java Java fc1v1NUST fc
Kingston 3v1Rockstones
City Boys3v0Golden Rivers
Young Ones fc3v2Falcon fc
Afrika Rassap2v5Eleven Champions
Swallows8v2Java Java fc
Namib Colts0v4Golden Rivers
Eleven Champions2v2Kingston
Young Ones fc1v3Afrika Rassap
City Boys2v0Rockstones
NUST fc4v0Falcon fc
Namib Eagles fc2v0Golden Rivers
Kingston 6v1Young Ones fc
City Boys3v0Eleven Champions
Afrika Rassap3v4NUST fc
Java Java fc5v3Impala Chiefs
Swallows6v1Falcon fc
Namib Colts1v5Rockstones
Namib Eagles fc8v2Java Java fc
Golden Rivers0v3Rockstones
City Boys2v1Young Ones fc
Swallows4v2Afrika Rassap
NUST fc0v1Kingston
Impala Chiefs2v2Falcon fc
Eleven Champions2v0Golden Rivers
Rockstones2v1Namib Eagles fc
Java Java fc2v2Falcon fc
Kingston 3v2Swallows
NUST fc0v0City Boys
Young Ones fc5v3Namib Colts
Afrika Rassap6v3Java Java fc
Impala Chiefs1v3Kingston
Namib Colts1v7NUST fc
Swallows1v0City Boys
Eleven Champions3v0Rockstones
Golden Rivers2v7Young Ones fc
Namib Eagles fc0v1Falcon fc
Young Ones fc1v1Rockstones
Falcon fc3v6Afrika Rassap
City Boys2v0Impala Chiefs
Kingston 2v2Java Java fc
Namib Eagles fc1v1Eleven Champions
Swallows1v1Namib Colts
NUST fc2v0Golden Rivers
Impala Chiefs0v3Golden Rivers
Java Java fc0v2City Boys
Falcon fc0v2Kingston
Impala Chiefs1v0Namib Colts
Golden Rivers2v2Swallows
Eleven Champions2v1Young Ones fc
Afrika Rassap3v0Namib Eagles fc
NUST fc4v2Rockstones
NUST fc3v2Eleven Champions
Namib Colts1v2Java Java fc
City Boys0v0Falcon fc
Young Ones fc1v0Namib Eagles fc

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