Nebfa league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Boast Pirates22005146
2Bush Bucks22005236
3City Lads21104044
4Pondo Stars21103034
6N.B Academy21102114
7City Defenders21102114
8Friendly City21014403
9Eastern Jumpers21014403
10CCX Callies210134-13
11Red City201157-21
12Winter Rose201146-21
13PE Sundowns201102-21
14Real White City200225-30
15Roaring Tigers200225-30
16PE All Stars200216-50

Viewed 20 times

Winter Rose4v4Red City
Pondo Stars3v0CCX Callies
Friendly City3v2Eastern Jumpers
City Lads4v0PE All Stars
Dodgers0v0N.B Academy
Bush Bucks3v1Real White City
PE Sundowns0v0City Defenders
Dodgers2v0PE Sundowns
N.B Academy2v1Friendly City
City Defenders2v1Real White City
Bush Bucks2v1Roaring Tigers
Eastern Jumpers2v1PE All Stars
Pondo Stars0v0City Lads
CCX Callies3v1Red City
Boast Pirates2v0Winter Rose
Boast Pirates3v1Roaring Tigers

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