Nebfa league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1N.B Academy1183025101527
2Boast Pirates108112271525
3Friendly City106222011920
4CCX Callies116232115620
5Bush Bucks9522138517
6City Lads93601771015
7City Defenders103521617-114
9Pondo Stars93331514112
10Red City103341618-212
11Eastern Jumpers102351320-79
12Real White City10307916-79
13PE Sundowns9216916-77
14Winter Rose91351120-96
15Roaring Tigers9126815-75
16PE All Stars101091233-213

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N.B Academy1v1City Lads
Roaring Tigers2v1Red City
Real White City1v0Winter Rose
CCX Callies3v2PE Sundowns
Boast Pirates4v1Eastern Jumpers
City Defenders5v3PE All Stars
Friendly City2v0Dodgers
CCX Callies2v1Real White City
City Defenders2v2Pondo Stars
Red City1v0Bush Bucks
Dodgers3v0PE All Stars
N.B Academy5v1Eastern Jumpers
Boast Pirates2v1Friendly City
Eastern Jumpers0v0Roaring Tigers
Real White City3v1PE Sundowns
N.B Academy2v1CCX Callies
City Defenders2v1Red City
Red City2v0PE All Stars
Bush Bucks3v0Winter Rose
Pondo Stars3v1Dodgers
Boast Pirates1v0PE Sundowns
N.B Academy1v0Real White City
City Lads3v0Real White City
CCX Callies2v1Roaring Tigers
PE Sundowns2v1Eastern Jumpers
Friendly City2v0PE All Stars
Boast Pirates2v2N.B Academy
Friendly City3v0Pondo Stars
Bush Bucks0v0CCX Callies
City Lads1v1Roaring Tigers
Dodgers3v1Red City
N.B Academy3v2PE Sundowns
Eastern Jumpers2v0Real White City
Boast Pirates5v1PE All Stars
City Defenders2v2Winter Rose
PE Sundowns2v1Roaring Tigers
N.B Academy2v1Roaring Tigers
Red City3v3Friendly City
Pondo Stars5v4PE All Stars
Dodgers1v1Winter Rose
CCX Callies2v0City Defenders
City Lads1v1Bush Bucks
City Lads1v1City Defenders
CCX Callies4v4Dodgers
Friendly City3v1Winter Rose
Bush Bucks2v1Eastern Jumpers
Boast Pirates1v0Pondo Stars
Dodgers2v5City Lads
N.B Academy3v0Bush Bucks
PE All Stars3v1Winter Rose
Red City1v1Pondo Stars
Eastern Jumpers1v1City Defenders
Friendly City1v0CCX Callies
Boast Pirates2v0Real White City
Bush Bucks2v0PE Sundowns
Winter Rose2v1Pondo Stars
CCX Callies4v0PE All Stars
Eastern Jumpers2v2Dodgers
Real White City2v0Roaring Tigers
City Defenders1v4N.B Academy
Boast Pirates0v1Red City
City Lads1v1Friendly City
Winter Rose4v4Red City
Pondo Stars3v0CCX Callies
Friendly City3v2Eastern Jumpers
City Lads4v0PE All Stars
Dodgers0v0N.B Academy
Bush Bucks3v1Real White City
PE Sundowns0v0City Defenders
Dodgers2v0PE Sundowns
N.B Academy2v1Friendly City
City Defenders2v1Real White City
Bush Bucks2v1Roaring Tigers
Eastern Jumpers2v1PE All Stars
Pondo Stars0v0City Lads
CCX Callies3v1Red City
Boast Pirates2v0Winter Rose
Boast Pirates3v1Roaring Tigers

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