NAHL 2018-19

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)129038862269
2Dach Bros (W)129037753249
3Dobby* (E)128048067138
4Tigger & Zero (W)12705716567
5Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)12705777347
6Spartacus (E)12705726937
7Miles & Whiskey (W)12606737036
8TEAM GARCIA (E)123094372-293
9Squeesquig (W)1220106480-162
10Phoebe (W)1220104983-342

Viewed 81 times

Tigger & Zero (W)7v5Dach Bros (W)
Miles & Whiskey (W)9v7Squeesquig (W)
Dobby* (E)7v4Phoebe (W)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)9v11Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Spartacus (E)7v4TEAM GARCIA (E)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)9v7Tigger & Zero (W)
Dach Bros (W)7v2Miles & Whiskey (W)
Phoebe (W)2v7Squeesquig (W)
Dobby* (E)7v5TEAM GARCIA (E)
Spartacus (E)5v7Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Squeesquig (W)5v7Dach Bros (W)
Phoebe (W)1v7Tigger & Zero (W)
TEAM GARCIA (E)2v7Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Miles & Whiskey (W)7v4Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Spartacus (E)4v7Dobby* (E)
Squeesquig (W)6v8Tigger & Zero (W)
Phoebe (W)1v7Miles & Whiskey (W)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)7v2Spartacus (E)
Dach Bros (W)7v1TEAM GARCIA (E)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)8v6Dobby* (E)
TEAM GARCIA (E)2v7Squeesquig (W)
Spartacus (E)8v6Phoebe (W)
Dach Bros (W)3v7Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Tigger & Zero (W)2v7Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Miles & Whiskey (W)5v7Dobby* (E)
Dobby* (E)5v7Tigger & Zero (W)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)6v8Miles & Whiskey (W)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)8v6Squeesquig (W)
Dach Bros (W)6v8Spartacus (E)
Phoebe (W)1v7TEAM GARCIA (E)
Dobby* (E)5v7Dach Bros (W)
Spartacus (E)7v5Miles & Whiskey (W)
Squeesquig (W)7v9Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Tigger & Zero (W)3v7TEAM GARCIA (E)
Phoebe (W)5v7Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Miles & Whiskey (W)5v7Dach Bros (W)
Spartacus (E)7v5Tigger & Zero (W)
Squeesquig (W)5v7Phoebe (W)
TEAM GARCIA (E)4v7Dobby* (E)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)6v8Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)1v7Dach Bros (W)
Tigger & Zero (W)7v3Squeesquig (W)
Miles & Whiskey (W)7v9Phoebe (W)
TEAM GARCIA (E)7v5Spartacus (E)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)5v7Dobby* (E)
Dach Bros (W)7v4Tigger & Zero (W)
Squeesquig (W)5v7Miles & Whiskey (W)
Phoebe (W)4v7Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Dobby* (E)5v7Spartacus (E)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)7v1TEAM GARCIA (E)
Tigger & Zero (W)7v4Phoebe (W)
Dach Bros (W)7v3Squeesquig (W)
TEAM GARCIA (E)3v7Miles & Whiskey (W)
Spartacus (E)5v7Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)
Dobby* (E)10v8Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)
Miles & Whiskey (W)4v7Tigger & Zero (W)
Phoebe (W)5v7Dach Bros (W)
Kobe-Obama 2019 (E)7v0TEAM GARCIA (E)
Twinkie & Sir Geralt (E)3v7Spartacus (E)
Squeesquig (W)3v7Dobby* (E)

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