Money League premier 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richie Blackmore 11100173304330
2Brandon Manchip 1173169393024
3Lee Mcarthur 1172262501223
4Ben Francis 1171365402522
5Robert Short 1163263461721
6Dean Bearne 1153363531018
7Dave Bowden 115155448616
8Liam Stickley 114256158314
9Frankie Wood113355062-1212
10Neil Bearne 114074564-1912
11Hadleigh Winsor 111555565-108
12Lee Hawkesford 1211103579-444
13Paul Reading 1100111677-610

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Dave Bowden 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Hadleigh Winsor 6v6Dean Bearne
Frankie Wood7v3Paul Reading
Robert Short 6v6Brandon Manchip
Richie Blackmore 7v3Liam Stickley
Lee Mcarthur 7v4Neil Bearne
Ben Francis 7v4Dean Bearne
Liam Stickley 7v3Ben Francis
Brandon Manchip 7v3Liam Stickley
Lee Mcarthur 7v0Paul Reading
Neil Bearne 7v3Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v1Dave Bowden
Robert Short 7v2Hadleigh Winsor
Lee Mcarthur 6v6Ben Francis
Neil Bearne 7v5Liam Stickley
Richie Blackmore 7v2Brandon Manchip
Robert Short 7v2Paul Reading
Dean Bearne 6v6Frankie Wood
Lee Hawkesford 6v6Hadleigh Winsor
Frankie Wood7v2Lee Hawkesford
Dave Bowden 7v3Hadleigh Winsor
Dean Bearne 7v2Robert Short
Richie Blackmore 7v1Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v1Neil Bearne
Brandon Manchip 7v5Ben Francis
Lee Mcarthur 7v5Liam Stickley
Neil Bearne 7v2Paul Reading
Richie Blackmore 7v4Dean Bearne
Robert Short 7v2Lee Hawkesford
Dave Bowden 7v2Frankie Wood
Frankie Wood6v6Hadleigh Winsor
Robert Short 7v4Dave Bowden
Richie Blackmore 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Dean Bearne 7v4Neil Bearne
Ben Francis 7v1Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v1Lee Mcarthur
Robert Short 6v6Frankie Wood
Richie Blackmore 7v5Hadleigh Winsor
Neil Bearne 7v5Dave Bowden
Ben Francis 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Lee Mcarthur 7v2Dean Bearne
Liam Stickley 7v0Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v2Paul Reading
Dean Bearne 7v5Liam Stickley
Lee Mcarthur 7v4Lee Hawkesford
Ben Francis 7v2Dave Bowden
Hadleigh Winsor 7v0Neil Bearne
Richie Blackmore 7v1Frankie Wood
Liam Stickley 7v5Lee Hawkesford
Robert Short 7v3Richie Blackmore
Frankie Wood7v4Neil Bearne
Ben Francis 7v3Hadleigh Winsor
Dave Bowden 7v0Lee Mcarthur
Brandon Manchip 6v6Dean Bearne
Dean Bearne 7v1Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Dave Bowden 6v6Liam Stickley
Lee Mcarthur 7v5Hadleigh Winsor
Ben Francis 7v1Frankie Wood
Robert Short 7v1Neil Bearne
Richie Blackmore 7v3Neil Bearne
Ben Francis 7v1Robert Short
Lee Mcarthur 7v4Frankie Wood
Liam Stickley 6v6Hadleigh Winsor
Brandon Manchip 7v1Dave Bowden
Lee Hawkesford 7v3Paul Reading
Liam Stickley 7v3Frankie Wood
Richie Blackmore 7v2Ben Francis
Dean Bearne 7v2Lee Hawkesford
Dave Bowden 7v1Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 6v6Hadleigh Winsor
Robert Short 6v6Lee Mcarthur

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