Money League D1 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Frank Cotterell 641138241413
2Nigel Braddon 64113629713
3Matt Phillips 640236231312
4Pete Skrivanos 640235221312
5Grant Jones632138281011
6John Hunt 63213628811
7Graham Tamplin 531131181310
8Damian Wallace 62132830-27
9Roy Thompson 51312930-16
10Dave Whiting 62042736-96
11Gary Johns61233034-45
12Luke Hartrey61142338-154
13Gary Mager 61142138-174
14Val Brandon 60151141-301

Viewed 86 times

Val Brandon 6v6Roy Thompson
Pete Skrivanos 7v4Damian Wallace
John Hunt 7v4Gary Johns
Matt Phillips 7v4Graham Tamplin
Gary Mager 7v4Dave Whiting
Nigel Braddon 7v4Frank Cotterell
Grant Jones7v5Luke Hartrey
Dave Whiting 7v5Grant Jones
Grant Jones7v1Val Brandon
Frank Cotterell 7v2Luke Hartrey
Nigel Braddon 7v4Dave Whiting
Matt Phillips 7v2Gary Mager
John Hunt 6v6Graham Tamplin
Roy Thompson 7v5Gary Johns
Pete Skrivanos 7v2Val Brandon
Grant Jones7v3Damian Wallace
Grant Jones6v6Gary Johns
Damian Wallace 7v0Val Brandon
Pete Skrivanos 7v2Gary Johns
John Hunt 7v3Gary Mager
Matt Phillips 7v2Nigel Braddon
Luke Hartrey7v4Dave Whiting
Grant Jones6v6Frank Cotterell
Frank Cotterell 7v1Dave Whiting
Matt Phillips 7v1Luke Hartrey
John Hunt 6v6Nigel Braddon
Roy Thompson 6v6Gary Mager
Graham Tamplin 7v3Pete Skrivanos
Damian Wallace 6v6Gary Johns
Graham Tamplin 7v1Damian Wallace
Gary Johns7v1Val Brandon
Pete Skrivanos 7v0Gary Mager
Nigel Braddon 7v4Roy Thompson
John Hunt 7v2Luke Hartrey
Frank Cotterell 7v5Matt Phillips
Roy Thompson 6v6Luke Hartrey
Dave Whiting 7v3Matt Phillips
Frank Cotterell 7v3John Hunt
Nigel Braddon 7v4Pete Skrivanos
Damian Wallace 7v3Gary Mager
Graham Tamplin 7v1Val Brandon

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