Monday money league winter

Welcome to our League
Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richie Blackmore 2525001754213375
2Robert Short252122167808765
3Brandon Manchip 252023163778662
4Dave Bowden251825154856956
5Dean James 251825160966456
6Dean Bearne 251735148955354
7Had Winsor2517261491084153
8Jason Miles251717149886152
9Liam Stickley 2513571471182944
10Neil Bearne 2513391331161742
11Daniel Green 25132101401142641
12Ian Thompson 2512491371132440
13Robin Farrell2512491311131840
14Mason Nicholls 2510312122130-833
15Martin Hayes 2510312120128-833
16Paul Reading 259511124131-732
17Emma Downes 259313115134-1930
18Lee Hawkesford 259214112128-1629
19Dave Whiting256415102142-4022
20Oakley James 25531798154-5618
21Nigel Braddon 25531790151-6118
22Roy Thompson 25601989153-6418
23Kristy Dunn 25531786154-6818
24Damian Wallace 25312170157-8710
25Gary Mager 25102445172-1273
26Val Braddon 25002528175-1470
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Emma Downes 7v3Oakley James
Neil Bearne 7v1Kristy Dunn
Dean James 7v5Liam Stickley
Mason Nicholls 7v3Kristy Dunn
Mason Nicholls 7v3Roy Thompson
Robin Farrell6v6Martin Hayes
Dave Bowden7v4Paul Reading
Nigel Braddon 7v4Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v5Robert Short
Had Winsor7v4Jason Miles
Brandon Manchip 7v1Damian Wallace
Dean Bearne 7v0Dave Whiting
Ian Thompson 7v1Gary Mager
Kristy Dunn 7v2Gary Mager
Had Winsor6v6Robin Farrell
Dean Bearne 7v2Kristy Dunn
Robin Farrell7v4Oakley James
Ian Thompson 7v5Robin Farrell
Kristy Dunn 7v5Martin Hayes
Roy Thompson 7v4Gary Mager
Daniel Green 7v4Damian Wallace
Robert Short7v4Brandon Manchip
Daniel Green 7v2Val Braddon
Dave Whiting7v3Val Braddon
Mason Nicholls 7v3Oakley James
Daniel Green 6v6Ian Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v0Val Braddon
Dean James 7v5Dave Whiting
Dean Bearne 7v4Oakley James
Emma Downes 7v4Roy Thompson
Mason Nicholls 7v3Damian Wallace
Brandon Manchip 7v3Dave Bowden
Jason Miles7v3Paul Reading
Robert Short6v6Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore 7v4Nigel Braddon
Neil Bearne 6v6Lee Hawkesford
Mason Nicholls 7v3Daniel Green
Lee Hawkesford 7v2Kristy Dunn
Richie Blackmore 7v1Neil Bearne
Martin Hayes 7v0Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v3Had Winsor
Robin Farrell7v2Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v3Jason Miles
Mason Nicholls 7v4Dave Bowden
Emma Downes 6v6Damian Wallace
Dean Bearne 7v1Roy Thompson
Dean James 7v2Oakley James
Liam Stickley 7v5Ian Thompson
Daniel Green 7v1Gary Mager
Brandon Manchip 7v0Roy Thompson
Brandon Manchip 7v3Neil Bearne
Ian Thompson 7v1Dave Whiting
Dean James 7v2Damian Wallace
Liam Stickley 7v5Daniel Green
Oakley James 7v2Val Braddon
Dean James 7v3Roy Thompson
Dean Bearne 7v2Damian Wallace
Dave Bowden7v4Emma Downes
Jason Miles7v2Mason Nicholls
Brandon Manchip 7v1Robin Farrell
Paul Reading 7v3Robert Short
Had Winsor7v1Nigel Braddon
Neil Bearne 6v6Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore 7v2Kristy Dunn
Lee Hawkesford 7v1Gary Mager
Daniel Green 7v2Dave Whiting
Richie Blackmore 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Had Winsor7v5Neil Bearne
Paul Reading 7v3Nigel Braddon
Robin Farrell7v4Mason Nicholls
Emma Downes 7v5Jason Miles
Dean Bearne 7v2Dave Bowden
Roy Thompson 7v1Val Braddon
Ian Thompson 7v2Oakley James
Liam Stickley 7v1Gary Mager
Dean James 7v2Gary Mager
Ian Thompson 7v2Roy Thompson
Jason Miles7v3Dean Bearne
Liam Stickley 7v1Dave Whiting
Daniel Green 7v3Oakley James
Damian Wallace 7v0Val Braddon
Dave Bowden7v3Dean James
Robin Farrell7v0Emma Downes
Robert Short7v1Mason Nicholls
Brandon Manchip 7v2Nigel Braddon
Neil Bearne 7v3Paul Reading
Had Winsor7v2Kristy Dunn
Martin Hayes 7v4Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v0Gary Mager
Richie Blackmore 7v0Martin Hayes
Lee Hawkesford 7v1Had Winsor
Paul Reading 7v2Kristy Dunn
Mason Nicholls 7v2Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v3Emma Downes
Dean Bearne 7v5Robin Farrell
Dean James 7v5Jason Miles
Dave Bowden7v0Val Braddon
Ian Thompson 7v0Damian Wallace
Daniel Green 7v2Roy Thompson
Oakley James 7v5Liam Stickley
Dave Whiting7v0Gary Mager
Dave Whiting7v2Damian Wallace
Roy Thompson 7v3Oakley James
Neil Bearne 7v5Mason Nicholls
Oakley James 6v6Dave Whiting
Liam Stickley 7v4Roy Thompson
Dave Bowden7v5Ian Thompson
Jason Miles7v1Val Braddon
Dean James 7v3Robin Farrell
Robert Short7v4Dean Bearne
Emma Downes 7v3Nigel Braddon
Brandon Manchip 7v4Kristy Dunn
Lee Hawkesford 7v2Paul Reading
Richie Blackmore 7v2Had Winsor
Martin Hayes 7v4Gary Mager
Oakley James 6v6Kristy Dunn
Had Winsor7v3Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore 7v4Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v0Lee Hawkesford
Neil Bearne 7v2Emma Downes
Dean Bearne 7v3Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v4Dean James
Robin Farrell7v1Val Braddon
Ian Thompson 7v2Jason Miles
Dave Bowden7v4Daniel Green
Liam Stickley 7v2Damian Wallace
Dave Whiting7v2Roy Thompson
Oakley James 7v3Gary Mager
Brandon Manchip 6v6Had Winsor
Dave Bowden6v6Liam Stickley
Jason Miles7v4Daniel Green
Robert Short7v1Val Braddon
Dean James 7v4Nigel Braddon
Neil Bearne 6v6Dean Bearne
Emma Downes 7v0Kristy Dunn
Lee Hawkesford 7v2Mason Nicholls
Richie Blackmore 7v3Brandon Manchip
Martin Hayes 7v2Paul Reading
Had Winsor7v2Gary Mager
Had Winsor7v5Daniel Green
Nigel Braddon 7v0Val Braddon
Roy Thompson 7v5Damian Wallace
Damian Wallace 7v3Gary Mager
Had Winsor7v1Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v3Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore 7v3Mason Nicholls
Emma Downes 7v5Lee Hawkesford
Dean James 7v5Neil Bearne
Robert Short7v4Ian Thompson
Daniel Green 7v2Robin Farrell
Jason Miles6v6Liam Stickley
Dave Bowden7v0Dave Whiting
Oakley James 7v3Damian Wallace
Dean James 7v1Kristy Dunn
Emma Downes 6v6Mason Nicholls
Martin Hayes 7v5Ian Thompson
Dave Bowden7v2Oakley James
Jason Miles7v1Dave Whiting
Robin Farrell6v6Liam Stickley
Robert Short7v5Daniel Green
Nigel Braddon 6v6Ian Thompson
Neil Bearne 7v1Val Braddon
Lee Hawkesford 7v3Dean Bearne
Richie Blackmore 7v1Emma Downes
Mason Nicholls 7v4Martin Hayes
Paul Reading 7v3Gary Mager
Robert Short7v0Robin Farrell
Jason Miles7v3Dave Bowden
Brandon Manchip 7v3Daniel Green
Jason Miles7v2Damian Wallace
Dean James 7v3Daniel Green
Liam Stickley 7v2Kristy Dunn
Dean Bearne 7v5Liam Stickley
Daniel Green 6v6Paul Reading
Brandon Manchip 7v3Paul Reading
Had Winsor7v5Mason Nicholls
Martin Hayes 7v4Emma Downes
Richie Blackmore 7v1Dean Bearne
Dean James 7v3Lee Hawkesford
Kristy Dunn 7v3Val Braddon
Neil Bearne 7v2Ian Thompson
Daniel Green 7v2Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v3Liam Stickley
Dave Whiting6v6Robin Farrell
Jason Miles7v0Oakley James
Dave Bowden7v4Roy Thompson
Dean James 7v2Martin Hayes
Dave Bowden7v0Gary Mager
Dave Bowden7v0Damian Wallace
Jason Miles7v2Roy Thompson
Robert Short7v5Dave Whiting
Nigel Braddon 6v6Liam Stickley
Daniel Green 7v3Neil Bearne
Kristy Dunn 6v6Ian Thompson
Lee Hawkesford 7v1Val Braddon
Richie Blackmore 7v5Dean James
Dean Bearne 7v5Martin Hayes
Had Winsor7v5Emma Downes
Paul Reading 6v6Mason Nicholls
Brandon Manchip 7v2Gary Mager
Dave Whiting7v2Kristy Dunn
Paul Reading 7v4Emma Downes
Robert Short7v1Roy Thompson
Daniel Green 7v1Martin Hayes
Brandon Manchip 7v4Mason Nicholls
Dean Bearne 7v4Had Winsor
Richie Blackmore 7v0Val Braddon
Ian Thompson 7v2Lee Hawkesford
Daniel Green 7v3Kristy Dunn
Neil Bearne 7v4Liam Stickley
Dave Whiting7v4Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v2Oakley James
Robin Farrell7v4Roy Thompson
Brandon Manchip 7v0Dean Bearne
Daniel Green 7v3Emma Downes
Robin Farrell7v2Damian Wallace
Nigel Braddon 7v5Oakley James
Neil Bearne 7v5Dave Whiting
Daniel Green 7v4Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v1Ian Thompson
Martin Hayes 7v1Val Braddon
Had Winsor7v5Dean James
Paul Reading 6v6Dean Bearne
Brandon Manchip 7v2Emma Downes
Mason Nicholls 7v1Gary Mager
Nigel Braddon 6v6Kristy Dunn
Kristy Dunn 4v7Robert Short
Kristy Dunn 2v7Robin Farrell
Kristy Dunn 0v7Dave Bowden
Kristy Dunn 1v7Jason Miles
Kristy Dunn 7v3Damian Wallace
Kristy Dunn 7v4Roy Thompson
Paul Reading 7v1Val Braddon
Dave Bowden7v0Nigel Braddon
Dean Bearne 7v4Daniel Green
Dean James 6v6Paul Reading
Had Winsor7v0Val Braddon
Richie Blackmore 7v1Daniel Green
Liam Stickley 6v6Lee Hawkesford
Neil Bearne 7v3Oakley James
Roy Thompson 7v5Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v3Damian Wallace
Dave Bowden7v2Robin Farrell
Jason Miles7v2Gary Mager
Richie Blackmore 7v1Dave Whiting
Jason Miles7v5Robin Farrell
Robert Short6v6Dave Bowden
Nigel Braddon 7v2Damian Wallace
Neil Bearne 7v4Roy Thompson
Lee Hawkesford 7v4Dave Whiting
Richie Blackmore 7v1Liam Stickley
Had Winsor7v4Ian Thompson
Brandon Manchip 7v5Dean James
Dean Bearne 7v3Mason Nicholls
Emma Downes 7v2Gary Mager
Dean Bearne 7v1Emma Downes
Dean James 7v1Mason Nicholls
Brandon Manchip 7v2Val Braddon
Ian Thompson 7v4Paul Reading
Liam Stickley 7v4Martin Hayes
Oakley James 7v4Lee Hawkesford
Neil Bearne 7v1Damian Wallace
Robert Short7v5Jason Miles
Robin Farrell7v0Gary Mager
Emma Downes 7v0Val Braddon
Mason Nicholls 7v2Val Braddon
Liam Stickley 7v5Had Winsor
Jason Miles7v0Nigel Braddon
Dave Bowden7v3Neil Bearne
Lee Hawkesford 7v2Roy Thompson
Richie Blackmore 7v1Oakley James
Martin Hayes 7v2Dave Whiting
Ian Thompson 6v6Brandon Manchip
Dean James 7v0Emma Downes
Dean Bearne 7v0Gary Mager
Dean Bearne 6v6Dean James
Ian Thompson 7v1Mason Nicholls
Liam Stickley 7v3Paul Reading
Had Winsor7v3Dave Whiting
Martin Hayes 7v2Oakley James
Richie Blackmore 7v1Roy Thompson
Damian Wallace 7v1Lee Hawkesford
Jason Miles7v1Neil Bearne
Robin Farrell7v0Nigel Braddon
Robert Short7v0Gary Mager
Paul Reading 7v3Roy Thompson
Robert Short7v1Nigel Braddon
Robin Farrell7v3Neil Bearne
Dave Bowden7v1Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v0Damian Wallace
Roy Thompson 7v2Martin Hayes
Had Winsor7v5Oakley James
Paul Reading 7v4Dave Whiting
Liam Stickley 7v4Brandon Manchip
Ian Thompson 7v5Emma Downes
Dean Bearne 7v0Val Braddon
Had Winsor7v1Roy Thompson
Paul Reading 6v6Oakley James
Dean James 7v1Val Braddon
Dean Bearne 7v1Ian Thompson
Liam Stickley 7v3Mason Nicholls
Brandon Manchip 7v2Dave Whiting
Martin Hayes 7v2Damian Wallace
Richie Blackmore 7v4Dave Bowden
Jason Miles7v3Lee Hawkesford
Robert Short7v0Neil Bearne
Nigel Braddon 7v3Gary Mager
Mason Nicholls 6v6Dave Whiting
Neil Bearne 7v3Nigel Braddon
Robin Farrell7v4Lee Hawkesford
Richie Blackmore 7v0Jason Miles
Dave Bowden7v3Martin Hayes
Had Winsor7v3Damian Wallace
Brandon Manchip 7v1Oakley James
Emma Downes 7v3Liam Stickley
Dean James 7v2Ian Thompson
Gary Mager 7v4Val Braddon
Emma Downes 6v6Dave Whiting
Dave Bowden7v3Had Winsor
Ian Thompson 7v1Val Braddon
Jason Miles7v0Martin Hayes
Richie Blackmore 7v0Robin Farrell
Paul Reading 7v1Damian Wallace
Robert Short7v1Lee Hawkesford
Neil Bearne 7v1Gary Mager

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