Mon sum a Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Scrambled Legs20150549132117060
2Set It Off20150547334712660
3Sand Scortches208111391414-2334
4Balls Deep208111385482-9734
5Practice Safe Sets 182016308484-1768

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Set It Off28v21Practice Safe Sets
Balls Deep33v23Practice Safe Sets
Scrambled Legs20v19Set It Off
Sand Scortches19v15Balls Deep
Sand Scortches12v27Scrambled Legs
Practice Safe Sets 16v3Scrambled Legs
Set It Off20v13Scrambled Legs
Balls Deep22v19Practice Safe Sets
Sand Scortches22v15Set It Off
Sand Scortches23v23Balls Deep
Sand Scortches22v29Practice Safe Sets
Set It Off23v16Practice Safe Sets
Scrambled Legs30v17Sand Scortches
Balls Deep23v20Set It Off
Balls Deep13v16Scrambled Legs
Scrambled Legs29v18Practice Safe Sets
Set It Off29v18Balls Deep
Scrambled Legs34v14Balls Deep
Sand Scortches20v24Set It Off
Sand Scortches19v12Scrambled Legs
Balls Deep33v13Practice Safe Sets
Set It Off19v16Scrambled Legs
Sand Scortches15v23Balls Deep
Sand Scortches15v27Set It Off
Balls Deep17v27Set It Off
Scrambled Legs21v14Set It Off
Practice Safe Sets 16v20Balls Deep
Sand Scortches13v27Scrambled Legs
Sand Scortches28v13Practice Safe Sets
Balls Deep10v30Sand Scortches
Set It Off20v12Sand Scortches
Scrambled Legs43v12Balls Deep
Practice Safe Sets 11v34Set It Off
Practice Safe Sets 13v33Scrambled Legs
Balls Deep13v24Set It Off
Scrambled Legs21v24Set It Off
Practice Safe Sets 19v30Balls Deep
Sand Scortches20v24Scrambled Legs
Sand Scortches26v17Practice Safe Sets
Balls Deep17v23Scrambled Legs
Practice Safe Sets 16v31Scrambled Legs
Sand Scortches20v22Balls Deep
Set It Off35v19Practice Safe Sets
Set It Off20v23Sand Scortches
Scrambled Legs36v14Balls Deep
Set It Off33v13Balls Deep
Practice Safe Sets 11v32Scrambled Legs
Sand Scortches13v18Set It Off
Sand Scortches22v18Practice Safe Sets

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