Medway under 13's div

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Wigmore Youth 13130086167039
2Hempstead Valley Colts 13100374205430
3Wigmore Youth Wanders1392255253029
4Real 60 Tigers 1190255104527
5Punjab United 1382362382426
6Cliffe Wood Colts134182939-1013
7Meopham Colts134182752-2513
8Breadhurst juniors 133373248-1612
9Cuxton 91111281154-435
10Milton & Fulston 1311112069-494
11Kfu Woodpecker 1210111090-803

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Hempstead Valley Colts 3v5Wigmore Youth
Breadhurst juniors 2v2Cuxton 91
Real 60 Tigers 6v0Meopham Colts
Cliffe Wood Colts5v1Milton & Fulston
Punjab United 6v1Cuxton 91
Cliffe Wood Colts5v0Kfu Woodpecker
Wigmore Youth Wanders5v2Meopham Colts
Hempstead Valley Colts 8v0Breadhurst juniors
Milton & Fulston 0v7Real 60 Tigers
Kfu Woodpecker 1v5Meopham Colts
Wigmore Youth Wanders3v1Cliffe Wood Colts
Wigmore Youth 5v2Punjab United
Milton & Fulston 0v5Hempstead Valley Colts
Cuxton 910v8Hempstead Valley Colts
Meopham Colts1v4Wigmore Youth
Breadhurst juniors 2v3Punjab United
Real 60 Tigers 4v1Cliffe Wood Colts
Kfu Woodpecker 1v4Milton & Fulston
Punjab United 4v4Breadhurst juniors
Cliffe Wood Colts2v8Punjab United
Kfu Woodpecker 2v7Wigmore Youth Wanders
Hempstead Valley Colts 9v0Meopham Colts
Breadhurst juniors 2v3Real 60 Tigers
Wigmore Youth Wanders8v0Milton & Fulston
Cuxton 910v3Meopham Colts
Wigmore Youth Wanders0v3Wigmore Youth
Hempstead Valley Colts 4v0Cliffe Wood Colts
Real 60 Tigers 7v0Kfu Woodpecker
Punjab United 12v0Kfu Woodpecker
Cliffe Wood Colts1v4Meopham Colts
Wigmore Youth Wanders4v3Breadhurst juniors
Hempstead Valley Colts 0v4Real 60 Tigers
Wigmore Youth 9v1Cuxton 91
Cuxton 910v4Cliffe Wood Colts
Wigmore Youth Wanders10v0Kfu Woodpecker
Meopham Colts1v7Hempstead Valley Colts
Real 60 Tigers 6v3Breadhurst juniors
Milton & Fulston 2v9Wigmore Youth
Wigmore Youth 11v1Kfu Woodpecker
Cliffe Wood Colts2v4Hempstead Valley Colts
Meopham Colts4v3Cuxton 91
Milton & Fulston 1v7Punjab United
Cliffe Wood Colts0v4Wigmore Youth
Hempstead Valley Colts 6v3Punjab United
Breadhurst juniors 1v2Kfu Woodpecker
Real 60 Tigers 10v0Cuxton 91
Wigmore Youth Wanders3v2Milton & Fulston
Punjab United 3v3Wigmore Youth Wanders
Cuxton 910v5Breadhurst juniors
Meopham Colts0v6Real 60 Tigers
Milton & Fulston 2v5Cliffe Wood Colts
Wigmore Youth 4v1Hempstead Valley Colts
Punjab United 1v8Hempstead Valley Colts
Kfu Woodpecker 2v7Breadhurst juniors
Wigmore Youth 5v3Cliffe Wood Colts
Milton & Fulston 2v8Wigmore Youth Wanders
Meopham Colts2v3Breadhurst juniors
Wigmore Youth 5v1Wigmore Youth Wanders
Punjab United 6v2Milton & Fulston
Kfu Woodpecker 1v10Wigmore Youth
Meopham Colts3v5Punjab United
Real 60 Tigers 1v2Wigmore Youth Wanders
Cuxton 913v2Milton & Fulston
Breadhurst juniors 0v0Cliffe Wood Colts
Punjab United 2v1Real 60 Tigers
Wigmore Youth Wanders1v1Cuxton 91
Hempstead Valley Colts 11v0Kfu Woodpecker
Wigmore Youth 12v0Breadhurst juniors
Milton & Fulston 2v2Meopham Colts

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