Lock Stock Welsh Alliance League Div 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Trearddur Bay Utd76011851318
2Llandyrnog United65011551015
3Abergele Town74211751214
5Glantraeth 6402168812
6Llanrug United73221813511
7St Asaph City 73221615111
8Nantlle Vale6312117410
9Llangefni Town6312118310
10Llanberis 73131212010
13Llandudno Junction62041519-46
14Barmouth & Dyffryn United71061227-153
15Llanrwst United6015016-161
16Glan Conway7016627-211
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Llandyrnog United2v1Trearddur Bay Utd
Trearddur Bay Utd4v1Llandudno Junction
St Asaph City 0v2Glantraeth
Pwllheli0v2Llandyrnog United
Penrhyndeudraeth3v0Llanrwst United
Nantlle Vale3v1Llanberis
Llanrug United9v2Barmouth & Dyffryn United
Greenfield0v0Llangefni Town
Glan Conway0v7Abergele Town
Llanrwst United0v5Llangefni Town
Llandyrnog United1v4Nantlle Vale
Llanberis 0v1Trearddur Bay Utd
Greenfield2v0Llanrug United
Glantraeth 5v0Pwllheli
Barmouth & Dyffryn United4v1Glan Conway
Abergele Town1v1St Asaph City
Llandyrnog United4v0Pwllheli
Trearddur Bay Utd4v0Llanrwst United
St Asaph City 4v2Barmouth & Dyffryn United
Pwllheli3v4Llandudno Junction
Nantlle Vale1v2Glantraeth
Llangefni Town1v3Llanberis
Glan Conway0v2Llandyrnog United
Abergele Town2v0Llanrug United
Llanrwst United0v2Llandudno Junction
Llanberis 2v0Penrhyndeudraeth
Glantraeth 4v1Llangefni Town
St Asaph City 3v0Glan Conway
Llanrug United2v1Nantlle Vale
Greenfield3v1Abergele Town
Barmouth & Dyffryn United3v6Pwllheli
St Asaph City 2v2Llanrug United
Llangefni Town2v1Llandudno Junction
Glan Conway1v4Penrhyndeudraeth
Barmouth & Dyffryn United1v4Trearddur Bay Utd
Abergele Town3v0Llanberis
Trearddur Bay Utd3v1Glantraeth
Penrhyndeudraeth1v1Llanrug United
Llanrwst United0v2Abergele Town
Llandudno Junction4v6St Asaph City
Nantlle Vale1v0Barmouth & Dyffryn United
Glan Conway1v4Greenfield
Pwllheli0v0Llanrwst United
Llanrug United4v3Llandudno Junction
Llanberis 3v3Glan Conway
Greenfield0v1Trearddur Bay Utd
Glantraeth 2v3Penrhyndeudraeth
Barmouth & Dyffryn United0v2Llangefni Town
Abergele Town1v1Nantlle Vale
Llandyrnog United4v0St Asaph City

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