Loanhead miners premier league Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Darren Beveridge 761056144213
2Arry Edwards 760150203012
3Paul Hannaway 760147232412
4Grant Shields742145252010
5Gary Mason 84134634129
6Andy Mcardle 9414484269
7Andy Pollock83053842-46
8Andy Scanlan82243050-206
9Stuart Burgess61051842-242
10Brad Wilkie81071862-442
11Aaron Russell 70161456-421

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Aaron Russell 5v5Andy Scanlan
Brad Wilkie2v8Grant Shields
Darren Beveridge 9v1Gary Mason
Paul Hannaway 7v3Andy Mcardle
Andy Pollock9v1Stuart Burgess
Brad Wilkie2v8Andy Pollock
Andy Scanlan1v9Grant Shields
Arry Edwards 2v8Darren Beveridge
Andy Mcardle 9v1Aaron Russell
Andy Scanlan6v4Andy Pollock
Gary Mason 3v7Arry Edwards
Brad Wilkie0v10Darren Beveridge
Andy Mcardle 8v2Brad Wilkie
Gary Mason 7v3Andy Pollock
Arry Edwards 10v0Andy Scanlan
Aaron Russell 2v8Darren Beveridge
Grant Shields3v7Paul Hannaway
Gary Mason 5v5Grant Shields
Brad Wilkie3v7Andy Scanlan
Andy Mcardle 8v2Stuart Burgess
Andy Pollock3v7Paul Hannaway
Arry Edwards 8v2Andy Pollock
Gary Mason 4v6Andy Mcardle
Darren Beveridge 7v3Andy Pollock
Aaron Russell 0v10Paul Hannaway
Stuart Burgess8v2Brad Wilkie
Brad Wilkie7v3Aaron Russell
Gary Mason 8v2Andy Scanlan
Andy Mcardle 1v9Arry Edwards
Grant Shields5v5Darren Beveridge
Stuart Burgess4v6Paul Hannaway
Grant Shields6v4Andy Mcardle
Andy Mcardle 5v5Andy Scanlan
Grant Shields9v1Aaron Russell
Paul Hannaway 4v6Arry Edwards
Darren Beveridge 9v1Stuart Burgess
Brad Wilkie0v10Gary Mason
Andy Pollock6v4Andy Mcardle
Arry Edwards 8v2Aaron Russell
Gary Mason 8v2Stuart Burgess
Paul Hannaway 6v4Andy Scanlan

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