Loanhead miners premier league Group B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Muir43012812169
2Darren Beveridge3210161337
3Gary Higgins3201219126
4Gary Watt220014686
5Paul Campbell3201181266
6Brian Duffy3201161426
7John Cameron3201151506
8Stevie Mackie3111151504
9Jim Solway41031722-53
10Des Renton2002713-60
11Andy Main30031020-100
12Derek Melrose3003228-260

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Paul Campbell8v2Derek Melrose
Gary Higgins10v0Derek Melrose
Gary Higgins7v3Des Renton
Jim Solway6v4Des Renton
Jim Solway4v6Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell4v6John Cameron
Andy Main4v6John Cameron
Stevie Mackie10v0Derek Melrose
John Muir6v4Andy Main
John Muir10v0Stevie Mackie
Gary Watt8v2Andy Main
Gary Watt6v4John Muir
Darren Beveridge5v4Jim Solway
Darren Beveridge5v5Stevie Mackie
Darren Beveridge6v4Gary Higgins
Brian Duffy7v3John Cameron
Brian Duffy7v3Jim Solway
Brian Duffy2v8John Muir

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