Loanhead miners premier league Group A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andrew Davidson 1081179215817
2Paul Fraser1071269313815
3Stevie Dall1154260501014
4Gary Wyllie1044259411812
5Alan Stewart95134842611
6Brian Duffy 104335248411
7Stevie Mackie94234644210
8Liam Hughes104064357-148
9Tam McLean 93153555-207
10Ian Prior103073565-306
11Rab Fegan92163258-265
12Tony Wilson 90092268-460

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Gary Wyllie6v4Rab Fegan
Tony Wilson 4v6Alan Stewart
Liam Hughes9v1Ian Prior
Stevie Dall0v10Andrew Davidson
Tam McLean 0v10Paul Fraser
Alan Stewart8v2Brian Duffy
Liam Hughes7v3Stevie Dall
Paul Fraser5v5Stevie Dall
Stevie Mackie9v1Rab Fegan
Tam McLean 1v9Andrew Davidson
Paul Fraser3v7Liam Hughes
Andrew Davidson 5v5Gary Wyllie
Stevie Mackie6v4Ian Prior
Rab Fegan3v7Tam McLean
Andrew Davidson 9v1Rab Fegan
Brian Duffy 6v4Stevie Mackie
Liam Hughes2v8Gary Wyllie
Andrew Davidson 10v0Paul Fraser
Tony Wilson 3v7Ian Prior
Rab Fegan2v8Stevie Dall
Alan Stewart2v8Paul Fraser
Ian Prior3v7Stevie Dall
Stevie Mackie5v5Gary Wyllie
Tam McLean 3v7Brian Duffy
Brian Duffy 5v5Gary Wyllie
Alan Stewart3v7Andrew Davidson
Paul Fraser10v0Ian Prior
Liam Hughes2v8Stevie Mackie
Tony Wilson 0v10Stevie Dall
Andrew Davidson 8v2Brian Duffy
Tony Wilson 3v7Rab Fegan
Tam McLean 4v6Stevie Mackie
Brian Duffy 8v2Liam Hughes
Ian Prior1v9Gary Wyllie
Stevie Dall6v4Alan Stewart
Ian Prior6v4Brian Duffy
Stevie Dall5v5Tam McLean
Gary Wyllie5v5Alan Stewart
Liam Hughes1v9Andrew Davidson
Brian Duffy 8v2Tony Wilson
Stevie Mackie1v9Paul Fraser
Andrew Davidson 8v2Tony Wilson
Gary Wyllie4v6Stevie Dall
Stevie Mackie2v8Alan Stewart
Rab Fegan2v8Paul Fraser
Ian Prior3v7Tam McLean
Liam Hughes6v4Tony Wilson
Brian Duffy 5v5Rab Fegan
Tony Wilson 3v7Tam McLean
Gary Wyllie3v7Paul Fraser
Alan Stewart6v4Ian Prior
Rab Fegan7v3Liam Hughes
Stevie Mackie5v5Stevie Dall
Brian Duffy 5v5Stevie Dall
Tam McLean 1v9Gary Wyllie
Tony Wilson 1v9Paul Fraser
Liam Hughes4v6Alan Stewart
Ian Prior6v4Andrew Davidson

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