Loanhead miners B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Andrew Davidson 10100079215820
2Paul Hannaway 1080266343216
3Kevin Phaup1072166343216
4Paul Fraser105235446812
5Ross Black105054654-810
6Jason Bonnar104154951-29
7Tony Wilson104154852-49
8Andy Scanlan103254654-88
9Grant Shields102173367-345
10Tam Mclean102082872-444
11Ian Prior100193565-301

Viewed 1953 times

Tony Wilson10v0Tam Mclean
Tony Wilson7v3Grant Shields
Kevin Phaup6v4Paul Hannaway
Tam Mclean3v7Paul Fraser
Ross Black2v8Jason Bonnar
Kevin Phaup9v1Tam Mclean
Tony Wilson4v6Andy Scanlan
Ian Prior2v8Paul Hannaway
Grant Shields0v10Andrew Davidson
Ian Prior3v7Jason Bonnar
Tam Mclean0v10Paul Hannaway
Andy Scanlan4v6Andrew Davidson
Jason Bonnar5v5Grant Shields
Paul Fraser5v5Kevin Phaup
Jason Bonnar3v7Tony Wilson
Ian Prior4v6Ross Black
Andy Scanlan7v3Grant Shields
Ian Prior4v6Paul Fraser
Andrew Davidson 8v2Paul Hannaway
Tam Mclean4v6Andy Scanlan
Kevin Phaup3v7Andrew Davidson
Ian Prior4v6Tony Wilson
Paul Fraser4v6Paul Hannaway
Tony Wilson4v6Paul Fraser
Tam Mclean7v3Ross Black
Kevin Phaup7v3Andy Scanlan
Andrew Davidson 7v3Jason Bonnar
Grant Shields3v7Kevin Phaup
Paul Fraser3v7Andrew Davidson
Ian Prior4v6Tam Mclean
Ross Black7v3Tony Wilson
Ross Black3v7Andrew Davidson
Grant Shields3v7Paul Fraser
Andy Scanlan3v7Paul Hannaway
Tam Mclean4v6Jason Bonnar
Andrew Davidson 9v1Tony Wilson
Paul Fraser7v3Jason Bonnar
Andy Scanlan5v5Ian Prior
Ross Black0v10Kevin Phaup
Jason Bonnar4v6Paul Hannaway
Grant Shields6v4Ian Prior
Ross Black9v1Grant Shields
Paul Fraser5v5Andy Scanlan
Andrew Davidson 8v2Ian Prior
Grant Shields7v3Tam Mclean
Paul Hannaway 6v4Ross Black
Tony Wilson5v5Kevin Phaup
Andy Scanlan4v6Ross Black
Kevin Phaup7v3Jason Bonnar
Andrew Davidson 10v0Tam Mclean
Grant Shields2v8Paul Hannaway
Ian Prior3v7Kevin Phaup
Andy Scanlan3v7Jason Bonnar
Tony Wilson1v9Paul Hannaway
Ross Black6v4Paul Fraser

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