Lloyds Premium League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cullerton F.C1888233161732
2Global Rangers189541812632
3Yellow Tigers188732619731
4Football Warriors188732114731
5Red Stripes188641916330
6Barkley Boys186842621526
7Paradise Crew F.C186662221124
8Golden Stars F.C1835101727-1014
10Barrel Football1824121736-1910

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Red Stripes2v2Global Rangers
Football Warriors3v2Barrel Football
X-Heads2v2Cullerton F.C
Paradise Crew F.C0v0Yellow Tigers
Barkley Boys4v1Golden Stars F.C
Red Stripes1v0Football Warriors
Global Rangers1v0X-Heads
Barrel Football1v3Paradise Crew F.C
Cullerton F.C1v1Barkley Boys
Golden Stars F.C2v2Yellow Tigers
X-Heads1v2Football Warriors
Paradise Crew F.C1v2Red Stripes
Barkley Boys1v1Global Rangers
Yellow Tigers2v0Barrel Football
Cullerton F.C3v0Golden Stars F.C
X-Heads1v2Paradise Crew F.C
Football Warriors0v0Barkley Boys
Red Stripes0v0Yellow Tigers
Global Rangers0v2Cullerton F.C
Golden Stars F.C2v1Barrel Football
Barkley Boys1v1Paradise Crew F.C
Yellow Tigers1v1X-Heads
Cullerton F.C3v3Football Warriors
Barrel Football0v1Red Stripes
Global Rangers2v0Golden Stars F.C
Barkley Boys1v3Yellow Tigers
Paradise Crew F.C1v1Cullerton F.C
X-Heads0v1Barrel Football
Football Warriors0v1Global Rangers
Golden Stars F.C0v0Red Stripes
Cullerton F.C4v0Yellow Tigers
Barrel Football2v4Barkley Boys
Global Rangers2v1Paradise Crew F.C
Red Stripes3v2X-Heads
Football Warriors2v1Golden Stars F.C
Cullerton F.C2v2Barrel Football
Yellow Tigers1v2Global Rangers
Barkley Boys2v1Red Stripes
Paradise Crew F.C0v1Football Warriors
Golden Stars F.C3v1X-Heads
Global Rangers0v0Barrel Football
Red Stripes0v0Cullerton F.C
Football Warriors0v1Yellow Tigers
X-Heads0v3Barkley Boys
Paradise Crew F.C1v1Golden Stars F.C
Global Rangers0v0Red Stripes
Barrel Football1v4Football Warriors
Cullerton F.C2v0X-Heads
Yellow Tigers2v3Paradise Crew F.C
Golden Stars F.C0v1Barkley Boys
Football Warriors1v0Red Stripes
X-Heads0v1Global Rangers
Paradise Crew F.C3v0Barrel Football
Barkley Boys2v1Cullerton F.C
Yellow Tigers1v1Golden Stars F.C
Football Warriors1v1X-Heads
Red Stripes1v0Paradise Crew F.C
Global Rangers2v0Barkley Boys
Barrel Football1v3Yellow Tigers
Golden Stars F.C1v1Cullerton F.C
Paradise Crew F.C1v2X-Heads
Barkley Boys0v0Football Warriors
Yellow Tigers2v0Red Stripes
Cullerton F.C2v0Global Rangers
Barrel Football3v2Golden Stars F.C
Paradise Crew F.C2v2Barkley Boys
X-Heads0v2Yellow Tigers
Football Warriors2v1Cullerton F.C
Red Stripes1v1Barrel Football
Golden Stars F.C0v1Global Rangers
Yellow Tigers2v1Barkley Boys
Cullerton F.C3v0Paradise Crew F.C
Barrel Football1v2X-Heads
Global Rangers0v0Football Warriors
Red Stripes1v0Golden Stars F.C
Yellow Tigers1v1Cullerton F.C
Barkley Boys1v1Barrel Football
Paradise Crew F.C1v0Global Rangers
X-Heads1v3Red Stripes
Golden Stars F.C0v1Football Warriors
Barrel Football0v1Cullerton F.C
Global Rangers1v2Yellow Tigers
Red Stripes2v1Barkley Boys
Football Warriors0v0Paradise Crew F.C
X-Heads0v2Golden Stars F.C
Barrel Football0v2Global Rangers
Cullerton F.C3v1Red Stripes
Yellow Tigers1v1Football Warriors
Barkley Boys1v1X-Heads
Golden Stars F.C1v2Paradise Crew F.C

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