Llanrindod FIFA 15 Season 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop1081133171625
2Paul 'finch' Robinson126242323020
3Lew 'champion' Parsons65101881016
4Chris Hawksworth124442023-316
5Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden124171930-1113
6Phil 'cavis' Davies6303181179
7Paul Smith7106917-83
8Leon Griffiths9036819-113

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Phil 'cavis' Davies2v0Leon Griffiths
Paul 'finch' Robinson4v1Phil 'cavis' Davies
Phil 'cavis' Davies1v2Paul 'finch' Robinson
Leon Griffiths3v3Chris Hawksworth
Chris Hawksworth1v1Leon Griffiths
Phil 'cavis' Davies6v0Paul 'finch' Robinson
Paul 'finch' Robinson2v6Phil 'cavis' Davies
Phil 'cavis' Davies2v3Lew 'champion' Parsons
Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop5v3Chris Hawksworth
Chris Hawksworth1v5Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop
Paul Smith1v2Chris Hawksworth
Chris Hawksworth1v0Paul Smith
Chris Hawksworth0v2Paul 'finch' Robinson
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden4v3Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop
Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop3v1Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden3v2Paul Smith
Paul Smith2v1Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Paul Smith1v2Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop
Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop5v2Paul Smith
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden3v4Lew 'champion' Parsons
Lew 'champion' Parsons6v1Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Lew 'champion' Parsons1v1Chris Hawksworth
Chris Hawksworth3v1Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden1v3Chris Hawksworth
Lew 'champion' Parsons3v1Paul Smith
Leon Griffiths1v3Paul 'finch' Robinson
Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop3v3Paul 'finch' Robinson
Paul 'finch' Robinson0v1Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop
Leon Griffiths1v3Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden0v2Paul 'finch' Robinson
Justin 'bash the bish' Bishop3v1Leon Griffiths
Paul 'finch' Robinson1v2Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden2v1Leon Griffiths
Leon Griffiths0v0Dwayne 'bear' Ramsden
Lew 'champion' Parsons1v0Chris Hawksworth
Paul 'finch' Robinson2v2Chris Hawksworth
Paul 'finch' Robinson2v0Leon Griffiths

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