Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fanta Rouge74211712514
2Swepps Tonic74121613313
3Gazelle Blanc74031917212
4Gazelle Bleu73041619-39
6Sprite Verte71241323-105

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L.G8v1Gazelle Bleu
Swepps Tonic3v0Gazelle Blanc
Fanta Rouge3v0Sprite Verte
Sprite Verte3v2Swepps Tonic
Gazelle Bleu2v3Fanta Rouge
Gazelle Blanc4v2L.G
Swepps Tonic1v1L.G
Fanta Rouge5v3Gazelle Blanc
Gazelle Bleu4v1Sprite Verte
Sprite Verte4v4L.G
Gazelle Bleu3v0Gazelle Blanc
Fanta Rouge1v3Swepps Tonic
Swepps Tonic3v2Gazelle Bleu
L.G0v0Fanta Rouge
Gazelle Blanc5v2Sprite Verte
Gazelle Bleu2v1L.G
Sprite Verte2v2Fanta Rouge
Gazelle Blanc5v1Swepps Tonic
Fanta Rouge3v2Gazelle Bleu
Swepps Tonic3v1Sprite Verte
L.G1v2Gazelle Blanc

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