Linden Inn Summer League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Goth 'A'1010001975314420
2All Sorts10802153975616
3Linden Inn 'A'10505108142-3410
4Civil Defence Club10307118132-146
5Linden Inn 'B'1030795155-606
6The Anchor1010979171-922

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Linden Inn 'A'4v21Goth 'A'
All Sorts20v5The Anchor
Civil Defence Club19v6Linden Inn 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'16v9The Anchor
Goth 'A'19v6Linden Inn 'B'
Civil Defence Club6v19All Sorts
All Sorts17v8Linden Inn 'A'
Goth 'A'19v6Civil Defence Club
Linden Inn 'B'17v8The Anchor
Goth 'A'17v8All Sorts
Linden Inn 'B'12v13Linden Inn 'A'
The Anchor8v17Civil Defence Club
Civil Defence Club12v13Linden Inn 'A'
The Anchor1v24Goth 'A'
All Sorts21v4Linden Inn 'B'
Goth 'A'20v5Linden Inn 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'13v12Civil Defence Club
The Anchor10v15All Sorts
All Sorts13v12Civil Defence Club
The Anchor9v16Linden Inn 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'3v22Goth 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'12v13All Sorts
The Anchor12v13Linden Inn 'B'
Civil Defence Club5v20Goth 'A'
All Sorts11v14Goth 'A'
Civil Defence Club12v13The Anchor
Linden Inn 'A'13v12Linden Inn 'B'
Linden Inn 'B'9v16All Sorts
Goth 'A'21v4The Anchor
Linden Inn 'A'8v17Civil Defence Club

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