Linden Darts Summer League 2016

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Goth1010001787210620
2Linden Inn 'A'106041441063812
4Civil Defence10505109141-3210
5Linden Inn 'B'10307102148-466
6The Anchor1010995155-602

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Civil Defence14v11The Anchor
131417v8Linden Inn 'B'
The Goth13v12Linden Inn 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'15v10Linden Inn 'B'
The Goth23v2The Anchor
131416v9Civil Defence
Civil Defence7v18The Goth
Linden Inn 'A'13v121314
Linden Inn 'B'13v12The Anchor
The Anchor12v131314
Linden Inn 'A'11v14Civil Defence
Linden Inn 'B'7v18The Goth
Civil Defence15v10Linden Inn 'B'
13146v19The Goth
The Anchor7v18Linden Inn 'A'
The Anchor11v14Civil Defence
Linden Inn 'B'9v161314
Linden Inn 'A'10v15The Goth
Linden Inn 'B'10v15Linden Inn 'A'
The Anchor9v16The Goth
Civil Defence13v121314
The Goth17v8Civil Defence
The Anchor10v15Linden Inn 'B'
13148v17Linden Inn 'A'
131417v8The Anchor
Civil Defence4v21Linden Inn 'A'
The Goth19v6Linden Inn 'B'
Linden Inn 'B'14v11Civil Defence
The Goth20v51314
Linden Inn 'A'12v13The Anchor

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