Linde Inn Darts Summer League 2014

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Goth 'A'9900147786918
2Linden Inn 'A'9702140855514
31314 'A'9702133924114
4Rob Roy 'A'9603132933912
51314 'B'9603132933912
7Linden Inn 'B'9207106119-134
8Rob Roy 'B'9207101124-234
9Vinny's Bar910873152-792
10The Anchor910860165-1052

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Linden Inn 'A'10v15Goth 'A'
CDC16v9Rob Roy 'B'
1314 'B'14v11Linden Inn 'B'
1314 'A'22v3The Anchor
Rob Roy 'A'16v9Vinny's Bar
CDC7v181314 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'13v12Rob Roy 'A'
Vinny's Bar11v14Linden Inn 'B'
Rob Roy 'B'8v171314 'A'
The Anchor8v17Goth 'A'
Rob Roy 'B'9v16Goth 'A'
1314 'A'13v121314 'B'
Rob Roy 'A'14v11Linden Inn 'B'
Vinny's Bar8v17CDC
Linden Inn 'A'20v5The Anchor
Rob Roy 'A'20v5The Anchor
Linden Inn 'B'12v13CDC
1314 'B'9v16Goth 'A'
Vinny's Bar7v181314 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'18v7Rob Roy 'B'
Rob Roy 'A'17v8CDC
The Anchor7v18Rob Roy 'B'
Vinny's Bar4v21Goth 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'10v151314 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'11v141314 'B'
Vinny's Bar6v19Linden Inn 'A'
Rob Roy 'A'14v11Rob Roy 'B'
CDC8v171314 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'10v15Goth 'A'
The Anchor4v211314 'B'
Rob Roy 'B'11v141314 'B'
CDC7v18Goth 'A'
Vinny's Bar10v15The Anchor
Rob Roy 'A'12v131314 'A'
Linden Inn 'A'16v9Linden Inn 'B'
1314 'A'9v16Goth 'A'
Linden Inn 'B'20v5The Anchor
Rob Roy 'A'15v101314 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'17v8CDC
Vinny's Bar13v12Rob Roy 'B'
The Anchor8v17CDC
Linden Inn 'B'9v16Rob Roy 'B'
Linden Inn 'A'16v91314 'A'
Vinny's Bar5v201314 'B'
Rob Roy 'A'12v13Goth 'A'

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