Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Defensores MT66001551018
2Chester United65011831515
3Oxford FC65011651115
5Kennett FC6402146812
6Tenensingo 6312108210
7Fronterizo 6303121209
8Toros Neza6204624-186
9Bascianni 6105512-73
10Garage Devils6105515-103
11Marquenze 6105821-133
12Las Cemas6006310-70

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Marquenze 2v1Tenensingo
Bascianni 1v4Defensores MT
Marquenze 0v7Oxford FC
Garage Devils1v3Kennett FC
Fronterizo 4v1Toros Neza
Las Cemas0v1Chester United
Marquenze 2v3Defensores MT
Oxford FC1v0Las Cemas
Tenensingo 1v0Chester United
Bascianni 0v3Inter
Fronterizo 0v2Kennett FC
Toros Neza1v0Garage Devils
Marquenze 2v3Fronterizo
Chester United2v1Inter
Defensores MT1v0Las Cemas
Garage Devils0v3Bascianni
Tenensingo 3v1Oxford FC
Kennett FC5v1Toros Neza
Garage Devils0v2Defensores MT
Tenensingo 1v0Bascianni
Fronterizo 1v2Oxford FC
Kennett FC0v1Chester United
Toros Neza1v0Las Cemas
Defensores MT3v1Fronterizo
Las Cemas1v3Inter
Bascianni 1v3Kennett FC
Oxford FC4v1Garage Devils
Chester United9v0Toros Neza
Fronterizo 3v2Las Cemas
Tenensingo 2v3Garage Devils
Kennett FC1v2Defensores MT
Toros Neza2v6Inter
Oxford FC1v0Bascianni
Chester United5v1Marquenze

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