Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Doen (Roma)26145766442247
2Ebel (M.City)26152961461547
3Sukijan (R.Madrid)2514477474046
4Azka (Juve)26143956421445
5Putra (PSG)261421072462644
6Yoo (Napoli)2611695158-739
7Ewepe (BVB)2210575344935
8Nick (AC.Milan)2696116867133
9Chasper (Munchen)24103114347-433
10Verheven (Chelsea)2495104145-432
11Jayack (ATM)226792840-1225
12Ana (Barca)2464144959-1022
13Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)2033143963-2412
14Agok (Arsenal)1733112147-2612
15Putu Layangan (M.U)00000000
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Agok (Arsenal)0v0Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Ana (Barca)2v3Verheven (Chelsea)
Ana (Barca)2v3Verheven (Chelsea)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)3v3Ewepe (BVB)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)2v1Ewepe (BVB)
Chasper (Munchen)3v0Ewepe (BVB)
Ewepe (BVB)2v1Chasper (Munchen)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)0v5Azka (Juve)
Azka (Juve)2v0Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)5v2Yoo (Napoli)
Verheven (Chelsea)1v0Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Verheven (Chelsea)5v1Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)4v2Yoo (Napoli)
Jayack (ATM)1v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Jayack (ATM)2v0Verheven (Chelsea)
Ana (Barca)2v3Ewepe (BVB)
Ana (Barca)1v3Ewepe (BVB)
Nick (AC.Milan)1v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Yoo (Napoli)4v1Azka (Juve)
Azka (Juve)6v0Yoo (Napoli)
Doen (Roma)1v1Putra (PSG)
Chasper (Munchen)2v0Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Chasper (Munchen)4v3Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Azka (Juve)1v2Ana (Barca)
Azka (Juve)2v0Ana (Barca)
Azka (Juve)2v2Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Azka (Juve)3v1Agok (Arsenal)
Ebel (M.City)1v0Agok (Arsenal)
Ebel (M.City)5v1Agok (Arsenal)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)2v4Nick (AC.Milan)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)2v2Nick (AC.Milan)
Agok (Arsenal)1v1Nick (AC.Milan)
Agok (Arsenal)4v2Nick (AC.Milan)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)1v4Putra (PSG)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)4v2Putra (PSG)
Chasper (Munchen)1v1Ana (Barca)
Chasper (Munchen)3v2Ana (Barca)
Doen (Roma)1v2Azka (Juve)
Doen (Roma)0v2Azka (Juve)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)1v6Ana (Barca)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)4v3Ana (Barca)
Agok (Arsenal)1v5Doen (Roma)
Agok (Arsenal)0v3Doen (Roma)
Putra (PSG)4v0Agok (Arsenal)
Putra (PSG)3v1Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Putra (PSG)5v1Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Ebel (M.City)3v2Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Ebel (M.City)5v3Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Chasper (Munchen)0v3Verheven (Chelsea)
Ebel (M.City)2v3Doen (Roma)
Chasper (Munchen)3v0Doen (Roma)
Chasper (Munchen)2v4Doen (Roma)
Verheven (Chelsea)1v5Doen (Roma)
Verheven (Chelsea)1v2Doen (Roma)
Ewepe (BVB)1v3Doen (Roma)
Ewepe (BVB)0v2Doen (Roma)
Verheven (Chelsea)2v2Yoo (Napoli)
Yoo (Napoli)2v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Putra (PSG)1v2Doen (Roma)
Verheven (Chelsea)0v2Ebel (M.City)
Verheven (Chelsea)3v2Ebel (M.City)
Ewepe (BVB)4v1Putra (PSG)
Doen (Roma)1v0Ebel (M.City)
Ewepe (BVB)5v3Nick (AC.Milan)
Yoo (Napoli)1v0Putra (PSG)
Putra (PSG)1v2Yoo (Napoli)
Azka (Juve)3v6Nick (AC.Milan)
Nick (AC.Milan)1v1Azka (Juve)
Yoo (Napoli)2v2Ebel (M.City)
Ebel (M.City)2v1Yoo (Napoli)
Ewepe (BVB)5v1Yoo (Napoli)
Yoo (Napoli)1v3Ewepe (BVB)
Verheven (Chelsea)1v2Putra (PSG)
Verheven (Chelsea)1v0Putra (PSG)
Ewepe (BVB)3v3Jayack (ATM)
Verheven (Chelsea)0v0Azka (Juve)
Verheven (Chelsea)2v0Azka (Juve)
Jayack (ATM)1v1Ewepe (BVB)
Nick (AC.Milan)2v2Ewepe (BVB)
Yoo (Napoli)3v0Chasper (Munchen)
Chasper (Munchen)2v4Yoo (Napoli)
Nick (AC.Milan)1v3Yoo (Napoli)
Yoo (Napoli)4v3Nick (AC.Milan)
Chasper (Munchen)0v6Azka (Juve)
Chasper (Munchen)0v1Azka (Juve)
Putra (PSG)3v1Azka (Juve)
Jayack (ATM)1v1Yoo (Napoli)
Yoo (Napoli)2v1Jayack (ATM)
Agok (Arsenal)1v3Yoo (Napoli)
Agok (Arsenal)1v1Yoo (Napoli)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)2v0Yoo (Napoli)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)2v2Yoo (Napoli)
Doen (Roma)2v3Yoo (Napoli)
Doen (Roma)5v1Yoo (Napoli)
Agok (Arsenal)3v2Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Agok (Arsenal)2v4Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Agok (Arsenal)2v4Ana (Barca)
Agok (Arsenal)2v1Ana (Barca)
Yoo (Napoli)2v2Ana (Barca)
Ana (Barca)3v2Yoo (Napoli)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)4v2Azka (Juve)
Putra (PSG)2v3Chasper (Munchen)
Putra (PSG)3v2Chasper (Munchen)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)5v3Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)6v5Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)
Agok (Arsenal)1v3Azka (Juve)
Putra (PSG)5v1Agok (Arsenal)
Putra (PSG)3v2Ewepe (BVB)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)3v3Doen (Roma)
Ihsan Septi (Liverpool)3v1Doen (Roma)
Nick (AC.Milan)4v2Ana (Barca)
Nick (AC.Milan)5v3Ana (Barca)
Ewepe (BVB)0v4Azka (Juve)
Ewepe (BVB)5v0Azka (Juve)
Nick (AC.Milan)3v2Putra (PSG)
Nick (AC.Milan)3v5Putra (PSG)
Ebel (M.City)4v3Putra (PSG)
Ebel (M.City)3v0Putra (PSG)
Ana (Barca)0v4Putra (PSG)
Ana (Barca)1v1Putra (PSG)
Nick (AC.Milan)2v3Doen (Roma)
Nick (AC.Milan)3v5Doen (Roma)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)3v2Chasper (Munchen)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)2v3Chasper (Munchen)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)1v5Ebel (M.City)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)1v3Ebel (M.City)
Jayack (ATM)2v3Azka (Juve)
Jayack (ATM)0v1Azka (Juve)
Ebel (M.City)2v0Azka (Juve)
Ebel (M.City)0v3Azka (Juve)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)3v5Verheven (Chelsea)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)0v6Doen (Roma)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)4v3Doen (Roma)
Chasper (Munchen)0v1Jayack (ATM)
Chasper (Munchen)0v0Jayack (ATM)
Sukijan (R.Madrid)1v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Nick (AC.Milan)5v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Nick (AC.Milan)3v4Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Nick (AC.Milan)5v6Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Jayack (ATM)1v0Ana (Barca)
Jayack (ATM)3v1Ana (Barca)
Putra (PSG)7v2Jayack (ATM)
Putra (PSG)4v0Jayack (ATM)
Ebel (M.City)4v2Ana (Barca)
Jayack (ATM)1v2Nick (AC.Milan)
Jayack (ATM)0v2Nick (AC.Milan)
Chasper (Munchen)2v0Nick (AC.Milan)
Chasper (Munchen)1v1Nick (AC.Milan)
Ana (Barca)4v2Ebel (M.City)
Ana (Barca)2v0Doen (Roma)
Ana (Barca)3v3Doen (Roma)
Putra (PSG)6v2Azka (Juve)
Jayack (ATM)2v2Doen (Roma)
Jayack (ATM)1v1Doen (Roma)
Jayack (ATM)2v4Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Jayack (ATM)1v4Sukijan (R.Madrid)
Chasper (Munchen)3v2Verheven (Chelsea)
Ewepe (BVB)3v1Verheven (Chelsea)
Ewepe (BVB)4v2Verheven (Chelsea)
Ebel (M.City)1v3Nick (AC.Milan)
Ebel (M.City)3v1Nick (AC.Milan)
Ebel (M.City)1v4Chasper (Munchen)
Ebel (M.City)3v2Chasper (Munchen)
Ebel (M.City)0v1Jayack (ATM)
Ebel (M.City)1v2Jayack (ATM)
Ebel (M.City)4v2Ewepe (BVB)
Ebel (M.City)1v1Ewepe (BVB)

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