Liga Pes Oktober

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Nick (Munich)18122437231438
2Putra (Chelsea)18111650341634
3Ewepe (Barcelona)169343731630
4Azka (City)187383849-1124
5Ebel (Napoli)145363732518
6Suki (Arsenal)1660103249-1718
7Dek Ana (PSG)144553230217
8Putu (M.U.)84041515012
9Chasper (BVB)142392133-129
10Verheven (Madrid)82061114-36

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Suki (Arsenal)1v0Chasper (BVB)
Suki (Arsenal)2v0Chasper (BVB)
Suki (Arsenal)3v6Ewepe (Barcelona)
Suki (Arsenal)0v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Dek Ana (PSG)5v3Suki (Arsenal)
Dek Ana (PSG)3v2Suki (Arsenal)
Dek Ana (PSG)2v2Chasper (BVB)
Dek Ana (PSG)1v1Chasper (BVB)
Dek Ana (PSG)0v0Ebel (Napoli)
Dek Ana (PSG)1v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Putu (M.U.)2v4Suki (Arsenal)
Putu (M.U.)2v1Suki (Arsenal)
Nick (Munich)1v0Putu (M.U.)
Nick (Munich)1v0Putu (M.U.)
Azka (City)4v3Suki (Arsenal)
Azka (City)1v2Suki (Arsenal)
Nick (Munich)1v1Dek Ana (PSG)
Nick (Munich)2v2Dek Ana (PSG)
Putu (M.U.)2v0Azka (City)
Putu (M.U.)5v2Azka (City)
Putu (M.U.)0v4Putra (Chelsea)
Putu (M.U.)4v2Putra (Chelsea)
Ebel (Napoli)3v2Dek Ana (PSG)
Ebel (Napoli)1v3Suki (Arsenal)
Ebel (Napoli)5v2Suki (Arsenal)
Azka (City)3v2Chasper (BVB)
Azka (City)1v0Chasper (BVB)
Azka (City)3v3Ebel (Napoli)
Azka (City)3v2Ebel (Napoli)
Azka (City)1v5Nick (Munich)
Azka (City)1v3Nick (Munich)
Chasper (BVB)2v0Ewepe (Barcelona)
Chasper (BVB)2v3Ewepe (Barcelona)
Chasper (BVB)2v7Ebel (Napoli)
Chasper (BVB)4v2Ebel (Napoli)
Verheven (Madrid)3v1Putra (Chelsea)
Verheven (Madrid)0v1Putra (Chelsea)
Ebel (Napoli)3v4Putra (Chelsea)
Ebel (Napoli)2v1Putra (Chelsea)
Nick (Munich)4v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Nick (Munich)1v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Nick (Munich)2v1Chasper (BVB)
Nick (Munich)2v1Chasper (BVB)
Putra (Chelsea)3v3Chasper (BVB)
Putra (Chelsea)4v1Chasper (BVB)
Nick (Munich)1v0Ebel (Napoli)
Nick (Munich)4v3Ebel (Napoli)
Verheven (Madrid)4v0Azka (City)
Verheven (Madrid)2v3Azka (City)
Ewepe (Barcelona)0v2Putra (Chelsea)
Ewepe (Barcelona)3v1Putra (Chelsea)
Nick (Munich)2v0Verheven (Madrid)
Azka (City)2v5Dek Ana (PSG)
Azka (City)2v0Dek Ana (PSG)
Putra (Chelsea)3v5Dek Ana (PSG)
Putra (Chelsea)4v3Dek Ana (PSG)
Putra (Chelsea)1v3Azka (City)
Putra (Chelsea)4v3Azka (City)
Verheven (Madrid)1v2Nick (Munich)
Ewepe (Barcelona)3v2Dek Ana (PSG)
Nick (Munich)5v2Suki (Arsenal)
Nick (Munich)1v3Suki (Arsenal)
Nick (Munich)0v2Putra (Chelsea)
Nick (Munich)0v1Putra (Chelsea)
Ebel (Napoli)5v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Ebel (Napoli)1v1Ewepe (Barcelona)
Ewepe (Barcelona)3v1Verheven (Madrid)
Ewepe (Barcelona)2v0Verheven (Madrid)
Azka (City)2v2Ewepe (Barcelona)
Azka (City)4v4Ewepe (Barcelona)
Putra (Chelsea)4v1Suki (Arsenal)
Putra (Chelsea)8v0Suki (Arsenal)

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