Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The People's Team 13110249262333
2Wisemen Fc 1291237201728
3Billy Fc1273230181224
4Northern Rangers 1370672363621
5Sunrise Legends 145363845-718
7MMFC 131391857-396
8Law Society 1402121044-342

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Law Society 0v3The People's Team
Billy Fc0v0Law Society
The People's Team 2v1Law Society
Northern Rangers 7v4Sunrise Legends
Billy Fc3v3Sunrise Legends
Wisemen Fc 2v1The People's Team
The People's Team 3v1Sunrise Legends
Northern Rangers 2v4Billy Fc
Billy Fc7v3The People's Team
MMFC 0v7Wisemen Fc
Billy Fc3v0Scdf
Scdf3v0Law Society
Law Society 1v2Scdf
Law Society 1v2Sunrise Legends
Law Society 0v3Wisemen Fc
Billy Fc3v0Law Society
Sunrise Legends 3v1Law Society
Law Society 1v3MMFC
MMFC 1v1Scdf
The People's Team 3v0MMFC
MMFC 3v11Northern Rangers
Northern Rangers 10v2MMFC
MMFC 1v1Sunrise Legends
Sunrise Legends 3v2MMFC
MMFC 0v3Billy Fc
Wisemen Fc 3v0MMFC
MMFC 3v9The People's Team
MMFC 3v3Law Society
Sunrise Legends 5v4Northern Rangers
Scdf2v3The People's Team
Sunrise Legends 3v5Wisemen Fc
Sunrise Legends 2v1Scdf
Northern Rangers 10v1Scdf
Scdf4v4Sunrise Legends
Sunrise Legends 2v6The People's Team
Wisemen Fc 2v1Northern Rangers
The People's Team 3v1Wisemen Fc
Wisemen Fc 0v0Billy Fc
Northern Rangers 2v4The People's Team
Wisemen Fc 5v4Sunrise Legends
The People's Team 5v2Billy Fc
Northern Rangers 3v4The People's Team
Sunrise Legends 1v2Billy Fc
Northern Rangers 4v1Law Society
Billy Fc3v1Wisemen Fc
Law Society 0v11Northern Rangers
Wisemen Fc 2v1Law Society
Billy Fc0v3Northern Rangers
Northern Rangers 4v6Wisemen Fc