Liga Magnificent Champeon Season 3 B Div

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Fc Regreso 540125131212
2Wisemen Fc 4301181359
3Super White 5302151149
4Sphere 530211929
5Poachers 22004136
6Team Barca 5203141226
8Law Society B 62041720-36
9Alliance Fc 42021321-86
10Kovan 11 62041220-86
11Buckweld Fc 21108354
13Crescent FA 3102101003
14Deaf Utd 2002510-50

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Team Barca 3v4Alliance Fc
Deaf Utd 3v4Fc Regreso
Super White 6v2MMFC
Law Society B 2v3XJI
Sphere 1v2Poachers
Alliance Fc 3v1Kovan 11
Law Society B 6v4Wisemen Fc
Fc Regreso 2v1Team Barca
Poachers 2v0Super White
Sphere 2v1Kovan 11
MMFC3v3Buckweld Fc
Wisemen Fc 4v2Fc Regreso
Team Barca 3v1Super White
XJI4v3Crescent FA
Crescent FA 2v3Kovan 11
Alliance Fc 4v12Fc Regreso
Buckweld Fc 5v0Law Society B
MMFC3v4Wisemen Fc
Super White 3v2Sphere
Fc Regreso 5v1Kovan 11
MMFC1v5Law Society B
Deaf Utd 2v6Wisemen Fc
Sphere 3v2Team Barca
MMFC3v5Crescent FA
Kovan 11 4v3Law Society B
Alliance Fc 2v5Super White
Team Barca 5v2Kovan 11
Law Society B 1v3Sphere

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