Liga Magnificent Champeon Season 3 A Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Forastero 202000109199060
3Pasang Fc 20123563382539
4Friends Fc 2013075952739
5Fc Seagull 20101966561031
6Team SSN20100105251130
7Law Society A 2090113648-1227
8Westminster 2072113146-1523
9Stable Utd 2061133556-2119
10Koolkicks Fc 2032152275-5311
11Karam Fc 200020463-590

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Ice2v0Law Society A
Law Society A 3v0Ice
Stable Utd 0v3Ice
Friends Fc 1v9Forastero
Westminster 0v3Law Society A
Pasang Fc 0v3Forastero
Friends Fc 4v0Ice
Stable Utd 0v3Team SSN
Westminster 3v0Stable Utd
Friends Fc 3v0Stable Utd
Pasang Fc 1v2Ice
Ice3v0Stable Utd
Law Society A 1v10Forastero
Law Society A 2v0Team SSN
Ice2v0Fc Seagull
Stable Utd 3v0Koolkicks Fc
Koolkicks Fc 0v3Westminster
Fc Seagull 4v6Friends Fc
Westminster 2v0Friends Fc
Koolkicks Fc 0v3Ice
Fc Seagull 3v4Pasang Fc
Law Society A 3v0Koolkicks Fc
Ice5v2Friends Fc
Fc Seagull 5v3Team SSN
Stable Utd 3v6Forastero
Law Society A 3v0Karam Fc
Karam Fc 0v3Forastero
Team SSN3v0Koolkicks Fc
Forastero 3v0Koolkicks Fc
Law Society A 3v2Fc Seagull
Pasang Fc 4v0Westminster
Stable Utd 3v1Team SSN
Fc Seagull 6v1Koolkicks Fc
Forastero 6v1Westminster
Stable Utd 3v0Karam Fc
Karam Fc 0v3Stable Utd
Ice3v0Karam Fc
Karam Fc 0v3Pasang Fc
Fc Seagull 3v0Karam Fc
Team SSN3v0Karam Fc
Law Society A 3v0Karam Fc
Koolkicks Fc 3v0Karam Fc
Karam Fc 0v3Westminster
Karam Fc 0v3Friends Fc
Pasang Fc 3v0Karam Fc
Karam Fc 0v3Ice
Karam Fc 0v3Team SSN
Karam Fc 0v3Fc Seagull
Karam Fc 0v3Koolkicks Fc
Team SSN1v4Ice
Westminster 1v0Law Society A
Team SSN7v4Pasang Fc
Pasang Fc 2v1Friends Fc
Fc Seagull 7v2Law Society A
Ice2v1Team SSN
Team SSN3v2Friends Fc
Fc Seagull 1v8Forastero
Fc Seagull 3v2Westminster
Friends Fc 6v4Koolkicks Fc
Forastero 5v1Law Society A
Westminster 1v2Team SSN
Forastero 3v0Friends Fc
Ice4v0Koolkicks Fc
Pasang Fc 8v1Stable Utd
Fc Seagull 4v2Team SSN
Westminster 3v2Karam Fc
Forastero 9v2Team SSN
Westminster 0v0Koolkicks Fc
Law Society A 1v3Pasang Fc
Pasang Fc 5v1Koolkicks Fc
Stable Utd 0v3Fc Seagull
Fc Seagull 0v5Forastero
Law Society A 2v1Stable Utd
Ice5v3Fc Seagull
Koolkicks Fc 2v13Forastero
Pasang Fc 3v2Team SSN
Law Society A 2v3Friends Fc
Stable Utd 2v3Forastero
Friends Fc 3v2Pasang Fc
Koolkicks Fc 1v3Team SSN
Forastero 4v0Karam Fc
Westminster 1v4Team SSN
Fc Seagull 3v5Friends Fc
Ice1v1Pasang Fc
Law Society A 3v0Koolkicks Fc
Friends Fc 3v2Stable Utd
Koolkicks Fc 0v5Fc Seagull
Westminster 1v1Pasang Fc
Law Society A 0v6Team SSN
Stable Utd 2v4Pasang Fc
Friends Fc 4v3Team SSN
Team SSN0v6Forastero
Pasang Fc 3v3Fc Seagull
Friends Fc 4v2Westminster
Stable Utd 3v3Koolkicks Fc
Forastero 4v2Pasang Fc
Friends Fc 5v2Karam Fc
Westminster 1v5Fc Seagull
Koolkicks Fc 3v2Friends Fc
Law Society A 1v3Stable Utd
Westminster 2v5Forastero
Pasang Fc 3v2Law Society A
Stable Utd 2v4Westminster
Fc Seagull 3v4Stable Utd
Friends Fc 2v1Law Society A
Koolkicks Fc 1v7Pasang Fc

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