Liga Magnificent Champeon GOLDEN LEAGUE 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Unknown Playback Fc17123266264039
4McBee 1694357381931
5No Name Fc 1573557441324
7Super White 1834114681-3513
8Forty2c 18411345104-5913
9Tuas Charlie 113173547-1210
10Void Deck Fc 1410131883-653

Viewed 5138 times

Void Deck Fc 0v3Unknown Playback Fc
McBee 1v1MMFC
TTT9v1Void Deck Fc
No Name Fc 3v2Tuas Charlie
Unknown Playback Fc5v2M&Ms
Super White 0v3MMFC
TTT3v0Unknown Playback Fc
Forty2c 1v8MMFC
Void Deck Fc 1v7McBee
Void Deck Fc 2v6Forty2c
No Name Fc 2v6McBee
McBee 5v0Void Deck Fc
Forty2c 2v9No Name Fc
Tuas Charlie 5v7Super White
Unknown Playback Fc3v0Super White
TTT5v1Tuas Charlie
Super White 1v6No Name Fc
MMFC1v5Unknown Playback Fc
Forty2c 6v4McBee
M&Ms4v3Super White
Super White 4v0Void Deck Fc
No Name Fc 3v3Super White
Void Deck Fc 3v6MMFC
Super White 3v3Unknown Playback Fc
TTT4v1Super White
No Name Fc 2v1M&Ms
TTT5v2No Name Fc
Unknown Playback Fc3v0McBee
MMFC10v0Super White
McBee 3v1M&Ms
Tuas Charlie 2v3Unknown Playback Fc
Super White 4v2Forty2c
Unknown Playback Fc4v1No Name Fc
Forty2c 1v10TTT
Super White 4v4McBee
Forty2c 3v3Super White
Void Deck Fc 6v3Super White
McBee 6v4Super White
Super White 1v5M&Ms
TTT9v2Super White
Super White 3v5Tuas Charlie
Void Deck Fc 0v5MMFC
Forty2c 4v8Unknown Playback Fc
M&Ms2v2Unknown Playback Fc
Tuas Charlie 5v2Forty2c
No Name Fc 6v1Void Deck Fc
Forty2c 1v2McBee
McBee 5v1Tuas Charlie
Forty2c 4v3Void Deck Fc
Unknown Playback Fc0v2MMFC
Void Deck Fc 0v13TTT
McBee 2v2Unknown Playback Fc
M&Ms6v1Void Deck Fc
Tuas Charlie 6v5MMFC
No Name Fc 11v0Forty2c
Tuas Charlie 1v5Unknown Playback Fc
McBee 0v2TTT
Forty2c 2v6M&Ms
Unknown Playback Fc6v0Void Deck Fc
No Name Fc 2v8Unknown Playback Fc
McBee 3v3No Name Fc
Unknown Playback Fc6v1Forty2c
TTT3v3No Name Fc
Tuas Charlie 3v3M&Ms
Forty2c 6v4Tuas Charlie
MMFC4v1No Name Fc
No Name Fc 3v1M&Ms

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