Liga Madrid-A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1KF Rinia1081157154225
2FC Iliret1081151143725
3FC Planqor1081151262525
4FC Skivjani1073043182524
5FC Axha Rrust1072147242323
6FC Afrika105232422217
7FC Taifun105143129216
8FC Rinia Dolit105142324-116
9FC Kigen A103342629-312
10FC Presidencialo103162435-1110
11KF Jakova 07102262044-248
12FC Mahalla52121115-47
13FC Conip RK102172440-167
14FC Ajax101451632-167
15KF Psiqiket92162037-177
16KF Raqa102172948-197
17KF Luftetari32018626
18FC Classic Team101362439-156
19FC Gjakova101361841-236
20FC Fortuna 81100103-30
21FC Policia200206-60
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FC Classic Team0v3FC Rinia Dolit
KF Rinia3v0KF Jakova 07
FC Conip RK1v3FC Afrika
FC Skivjani5v0FC Mahalla
FC Axha Rrust5v1FC Gjakova
FC Fortuna 810v3FC Planqor
KF Raqa1v3FC Ajax
FC Presidencialo1v5FC Taifun
FC Kigen A0v6FC Iliret
FC Rinia Dolit2v2FC Kigen A
FC Ajax4v4FC Classic Team
FC Afrika3v0KF Psiqiket
FC Gjakova1v1FC Conip RK
FC Taifun3v0KF Jakova 07
FC Iliret5v0FC Presidencialo
FC Mahalla3v2KF Raqa
FC Skivjani4v3FC Planqor
KF Rinia4v0FC Axha Rrust
KF Jakova 071v10FC Iliret
FC Presidencialo2v4FC Rinia Dolit
KF Rinia9v3FC Taifun
KF Raqa3v5FC Planqor
FC Classic Team3v3FC Mahalla
FC Conip RK3v4FC Axha Rrust
FC Skivjani1v1FC Afrika
FC Kigen A1v1FC Ajax
KF Psiqiket0v3FC Gjakova
FC Rinia Dolit4v1KF Jakova 07
FC Planqor6v1FC Classic Team
FC Iliret8v1FC Taifun
FC Axha Rrust6v1KF Psiqiket
KF Rinia5v1FC Conip RK
FC Ajax1v1FC Presidencialo
FC Mahalla2v3FC Kigen A
KF Raqa2v2FC Afrika
FC Gjakova1v6FC Skivjani
FC Rinia Dolit1v5FC Iliret
FC Ajax0v2FC Rinia Dolit
KF Luftetari0v3FC Iliret
FC Planqor5v3FC Taifun
FC Skivjani2v2KF Rinia
FC Axha Rrust3v3FC Kigen A
FC Gjakova1v3FC Presidencialo
FC Afrika2v4KF Jakova 07
FC Conip RK4v2FC Classic Team
KF Psiqiket1v5KF Raqa
FC Taifun2v3FC Rinia Dolit
FC Classic Team1v5FC Afrika
FC Kigen A2v5FC Planqor
KF Raqa8v3FC Gjakova
FC Skivjani3v3FC Axha Rrust
FC Iliret3v2KF Rinia
KF Psiqiket8v5FC Conip RK
FC Presidencialo2v3FC Mahalla
FC Ajax3v3KF Jakova 07
FC Ajax1v5FC Taifun
FC Planqor8v4FC Presidencialo
FC Policia0v3KF Jakova 07
FC Axha Rrust6v4KF Raqa
KF Rinia6v2KF Psiqiket
FC Gjakova1v5FC Classic Team
FC Conip RK1v7FC Skivjani
FC Afrika3v2FC Kigen A
KF Rinia4v2FC Rinia Dolit
KF Raqa1v3FC Conip RK
FC Presidencialo3v0FC Afrika
FC Kigen A8v2FC Gjakova
FC Classic Team2v6FC Axha Rrust
FC Skivjani4v2KF Psiqiket
KF Jakova 073v6FC Planqor
FC Taifun3v0FC Policia
FC Iliret3v0FC Ajax
KF Raqa2v7FC Skivjani
FC Classic Team3v3KF Psiqiket
FC Kigen A3v2FC Conip RK
FC Presidencialo2v5FC Axha Rrust
KF Jakova 074v4FC Gjakova
FC Taifun5v1FC Afrika
FC Iliret5v5FC Planqor
FC Rinia Dolit1v3KF Luftetari
KF Rinia7v1FC Ajax
KF Luftetari5v2FC Ajax
FC Planqor5v1FC Rinia Dolit
FC Afrika4v3FC Iliret
FC Gjakova1v1FC Taifun
FC Axha Rrust9v1KF Jakova 07
FC Conip RK3v6FC Presidencialo
KF Psiqiket3v2FC Kigen A
FC Skivjani4v3FC Classic Team
KF Raqa1v15KF Rinia

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