Liga Madrid

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1KF Korenica43101431110
2FC Zhdrella43101441010
3KF Trakaniqi33008269
4FC Gaca33006159
5KF Arena421112757
6FC Hotel Aviano42118357
7FC Young Boys32108627
8FC Bishat32017346
9FC Brazzers32016336
10FC Inter412156-15
11FC Cufadoli31117524
12FC Neci31117614
13FC Relax31027703
14FC Shoqnia Hajdar Dushi301226-41
15KF Begi4013311-81
16KF Rrufeja4013414-101
17FC Dardanet100103-30
18FC Moglica200216-50
19FC Jetishi2002311-80
20FC Ilirida4004217-150
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FC Hotel Aviano0v1FC Gaca
KF Trakaniqi2v1FC Relax
KF Rrufeja0v3FC Neci
KF Korenica2v0FC Cufadoli
FC Bishat3v0FC Ilirida
FC Brazzers3v0FC Inter
FC Zhdrella1v0KF Begi
KF Arena5v1FC Moglica
FC Shoqnia Hajdar Dushi1v2FC Young Boys
KF Arena3v3FC Young Boys
KF Rrufeja0v3FC Gaca
FC Moglica0v1FC Brazzers
FC Bishat1v3FC Inter
FC Zhdrella4v0FC Ilirida
FC Hotel Aviano0v0FC Cufadoli
FC Relax5v3FC Neci
KF Korenica6v1KF Begi
KF Trakaniqi3v0FC Shoqnia Hajdar Dushi
FC Dardanet0v3KF Arena
KF Rrufeja1v1KF Begi
FC Hotel Aviano5v1FC Ilirida
KF Korenica1v1FC Inter
FC Zhdrella8v3FC Jetishi
FC Neci1v1FC Shoqnia Hajdar Dushi
FC Gaca2v1FC Relax
FC Cufadoli7v3KF Rrufeja
KF Begi1v3FC Hotel Aviano
FC Ilirida1v5KF Korenica
FC Inter1v1FC Zhdrella
FC Jetishi0v3FC Bishat
FC Young Boys3v2FC Brazzers
KF Arena1v3KF Trakaniqi

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