Liga Juara-Juara PTM KL

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Barcelona uben87013092121
2PSG wolfskin86022081218
3Real Madrid opie860226151118
4Chelsea chelno8512139416
5Manchester City kitara850325141115
6Liverpool nazmi8305619-139
7As Roma asin8206714-76
8Arsenal naza8116624-184
9Manchester United zizanking8008627-210

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Liverpool nazmi2v1Manchester United zizanking
Chelsea chelno4v2Manchester United zizanking
As Roma asin0v4Manchester City kitara
Real Madrid opie2v3Barcelona uben
Barcelona uben4v3PSG wolfskin
Arsenal naza1v7Real Madrid opie
Chelsea chelno0v1PSG wolfskin
Liverpool nazmi0v4Manchester City kitara
As Roma asin0v2PSG wolfskin
Manchester City kitara5v2Arsenal naza
As Roma asin1v2Real Madrid opie
Arsenal naza0v1Liverpool nazmi
Chelsea chelno2v3Real Madrid opie
Barcelona uben8v0Manchester United zizanking
Chelsea chelno1v0Liverpool nazmi
Manchester City kitara4v2PSG wolfskin
Arsenal naza0v2PSG wolfskin
Barcelona uben6v0Liverpool nazmi
As Roma asin2v1Manchester United zizanking
Manchester City kitara3v5Real Madrid opie
Arsenal naza2v1Manchester United zizanking
As Roma asin0v1Chelsea chelno
Manchester United zizanking0v1PSG wolfskin
As Roma asin1v2Barcelona uben
Liverpool nazmi1v2Real Madrid opie
Barcelona uben2v1Manchester City kitara
Arsenal naza1v1Chelsea chelno
As Roma asin0v2Liverpool nazmi
PSG wolfskin4v0Real Madrid opie
Liverpool nazmi0v5PSG wolfskin
Arsenal naza0v4Barcelona uben
Chelsea chelno2v1Manchester City kitara
Manchester United zizanking0v5Real Madrid opie
Manchester City kitara3v1Manchester United zizanking
Arsenal naza0v3As Roma asin
Barcelona uben1v2Chelsea chelno

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