Liga HaloCR

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2The Howling Dark87012251721
3Los Mapios85031912715
4T Bag Airlines85031710715
5Old Shcool Gamers85031613315
6Team KS84041313012
7Los PZ73041112-19
8Spirit of Micos7304914-59
9Suicide Squad8107823-153
10Tome Pal Pinto8107521-163
12Dia E300309-90

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The Howling Dark3v0Suicide Squad
T Bag Airlines3v0Los Mapios
BloodStained3v0Team KS
Old Shcool Gamers3v0Tome Pal Pinto
Tome Pal Pinto0v3Spirit of Micos
T Bag Airlines3v0Suicide Squad
The Howling Dark3v0Team KS
Old Shcool Gamers3v0Los PZ
BloodStained3v2Los Mapios
Suicide Squad1v3Team KS
The Howling Dark3v0Tome Pal Pinto
Los Mapios3v0Spirit of Micos
Los PZ0v3T Bag Airlines
BloodStained3v0Old Shcool Gamers
Spirit of Micos3v2Suicide Squad
Tome Pal Pinto0v3Team KS
T Bag Airlines0v3The Howling Dark
Old Shcool Gamers1v3Los Mapios
BloodStained3v0Los PZ
BloodStained3v0T Bag Airlines
Spirit of Micos0v3Team KS
Los PZ3v0Tome Pal Pinto
Suicide Squad0v3Los Mapios
Old Shcool Gamers0v3The Howling Dark
BloodStained3v1The Howling Dark
Spirit of Micos3v0Dia E
Los Mapios3v2Los PZ
Team KS3v0DoomForge
Suicide Squad3v2Tome Pal Pinto
Old Shcool Gamers3v2T Bag Airlines
The Howling Dark3v2Los Mapios
Los PZ3v0Dia E
T Bag Airlines3v1Team KS
BloodStained3v0Spirit of Micos
Tome Pal Pinto3v0DoomForge
Old Shcool Gamers3v2Suicide Squad
The Howling Dark3v0Spirit of Micos
Los PZ3v0Suicide Squad
T Bag Airlines3v0DoomForge
BloodStained3v0Dia E
Los Mapios3v0Tome Pal Pinto
Old Shcool Gamers3v0Team KS

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