Liga Armadora Junior

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Assunção FC22006426
3Nacional FC21105324
4Juvenil FC21016333
5Verona FC11006333
6Bom Sucesso FC21017613
7Raposa FC21012203
8General FC210145-13
9Vila FC210157-23
10Millers FC210146-23
11Costas FC200247-30
12União FC200214-30
13Inter Club FC100116-50
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Costas FC3v5Bom Sucesso FC
Portuguesa6v1Inter Club FC
Assunção FC3v2Juvenil FC
Raposa FC1v2Vila FC
Nacional FC3v1União FC
General FC2v4Millers FC
Verona FC6v3Vila FC
Raposa FC1v0União FC
Nacional FC2v2Portuguesa
Juvenil FC4v0Millers FC
Costas FC1v2General FC
Assunção FC3v2Bom Sucesso FC

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