Liga 550 FULL

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Leicester (Arif)14102236152132
2Arsenal (azrul)1495033171632
3Leverkusen (hasan)1383245271827
4Manch. United (Redy)1172227121523
5Dortmund (Fatih)1472541301123
6munchen (dr.ori)146262119220
7FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)126242223-120
8Barca 2 (arif nugroho)1061332221019
9Real Madrid 2 (twida)155192550-2516
10Chelsea (asrofin)134362027-715
11AS ROMA (dr.hari)9342138513
12Manc. City (zaky)152762126-513
13Juventus (dr.dhimas)104062024-412
14MU (matovic)1633101728-1112
15Tottenham (Ismu)103251219-711
16Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)111371226-146
17Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)130491034-244

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MU (matovic)1v2Dortmund (Fatih)
MU (matovic)1v3Manch. United (Redy)
Dortmund (Fatih)5v0Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Dortmund (Fatih)1v4munchen (dr.ori)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)1v1Tottenham (Ismu)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)0v1munchen (dr.ori)
munchen (dr.ori)2v1Tottenham (Ismu)
Barca 2 (arif nugroho)8v1Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Barca 2 (arif nugroho)3v0MU (matovic)
Arsenal (azrul)3v2MU (matovic)
Arsenal (azrul)1v1Barca 2 (arif nugroho)
Leverkusen (hasan)3v2MU (matovic)
MU (matovic)0v1AS ROMA (dr.hari)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)0v2Tottenham (Ismu)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)1v1Arsenal (azrul)
Leverkusen (hasan)1v2Arsenal (azrul)
Arsenal (azrul)4v2Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)0v1MU (matovic)
Manch. United (Redy)1v1Manc. City (zaky)
Manch. United (Redy)4v0FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)3v0Tottenham (Ismu)
Dortmund (Fatih)3v3Manc. City (zaky)
Dortmund (Fatih)8v2Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
MU (matovic)1v1Tottenham (Ismu)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)3v0MU (matovic)
Manc. City (zaky)2v1MU (matovic)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)0v0Manc. City (zaky)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)5v2Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Manch. United (Redy)3v0Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)3v7Juventus (dr.dhimas)
munchen (dr.ori)0v2Chelsea (asrofin)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)1v2Manch. United (Redy)
Leicester (Arif)3v1Dortmund (Fatih)
Manch. United (Redy)4v0Dortmund (Fatih)
Leicester (Arif)2v1Manch. United (Redy)
Barca 2 (arif nugroho)5v2Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)
Dortmund (Fatih)4v3Barca 2 (arif nugroho)
Leverkusen (hasan)6v1Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
Leicester (Arif)1v0Tottenham (Ismu)
Arsenal (azrul)4v0Tottenham (Ismu)
Manch. United (Redy)3v1Barca 2 (arif nugroho)
Dortmund (Fatih)1v3Tottenham (Ismu)
Leverkusen (hasan)3v3Manch. United (Redy)
Leverkusen (hasan)6v1Barca 2 (arif nugroho)
Dortmund (Fatih)1v2Arsenal (azrul)
Manc. City (zaky)1v1Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
Manc. City (zaky)0v0Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)
Barca 2 (arif nugroho)3v2Leicester (Arif)
Barca 2 (arif nugroho)5v2Juventus (dr.dhimas)
Leverkusen (hasan)4v1Real Madrid 2 (twida)
MU (matovic)2v3Real Madrid 2 (twida)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)2v2Arsenal (azrul)
Real Madrid 2 (twida)1v2Juventus (dr.dhimas)
Arsenal (azrul)3v2Juventus (dr.dhimas)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)1v3Leverkusen (hasan)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)1v3Leverkusen (hasan)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)2v2Arsenal (azrul)
Real Madrid 2 (twida)2v1munchen (dr.ori)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)1v1munchen (dr.ori)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)0v0MU (matovic)
Chelsea (asrofin)4v0Tottenham (Ismu)
Tottenham (Ismu)4v2Manc. City (zaky)
Chelsea (asrofin)2v2Manc. City (zaky)
munchen (dr.ori)1v0Manc. City (zaky)
Leicester (Arif)2v1munchen (dr.ori)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)2v2Real Madrid 2 (twida)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)0v1FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)
Real Madrid 2 (twida)1v6Leicester (Arif)
munchen (dr.ori)1v2FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)
Juventus (dr.dhimas)2v0Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)4v0Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)1v3Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)0v1Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Leicester (Arif)2v0Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)0v4Dortmund (Fatih)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)1v1Manc. City (zaky)
Dortmund (Fatih)3v1Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)2v1Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
Arsenal (azrul)1v0Manc. City (zaky)
Arsenal (azrul)3v1Leicester (Arif)
Manc. City (zaky)2v4Leverkusen (hasan)
Manc. City (zaky)1v2Barca 2 (arif nugroho)
Real Madrid 1 (dr. anto)1v2Chelsea (asrofin)
MU (matovic)2v0Juventus (dr.dhimas)
munchen (dr.ori)2v0MU (matovic)
munchen (dr.ori)3v0Juventus (dr.dhimas)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)1v1Arsenal (azrul)
Leicester (Arif)2v0Juventus (dr.dhimas)
Arsenal (azrul)4v1munchen (dr.ori)
Leverkusen (hasan)3v3munchen (dr.ori)
Leicester (Arif)4v0Leverkusen (hasan)
MU (matovic)2v2Leicester (Arif)
Chelsea (asrofin)1v1Leicester (Arif)
Chelsea (asrofin)0v2MU (matovic)
Chelsea (asrofin)1v1Bayer/Chelsea 2 (dr.odi)
Chelsea (asrofin)2v4Real Madrid 2 (twida)
Juventus (dr.dhimas)2v5Leverkusen (hasan)
Juventus (dr.dhimas)3v0Chelsea (asrofin)
AS ROMA (dr.hari)4v2Chelsea (asrofin)
Leverkusen (hasan)4v4Dortmund (Fatih)
Leicester (Arif)3v1Manc. City (zaky)
Chelsea (asrofin)3v2Manch. United (Redy)
munchen (dr.ori)0v1Manch. United (Redy)
FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)1v5Leicester (Arif)
Chelsea (asrofin)0v4Dortmund (Fatih)
Chelsea (asrofin)1v3FC Barcelona (hadi/upel)
Real Madrid 2 (twida)2v5Manc. City (zaky)

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