Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2gujan 1410312471733
3Coutras 149502161532
4VDG 1494121101131
5bordeaux 1492329151429
6moncaret 14851178929
7bergerac 148422271528
8libourne 147251613323
9Lussac 14482129320
10gensac 146261415-120
11st philippe 144461014-416
12st supice 143561919014
13duras 143471727-1013
14ruch 142391425-119
15sauveterre 14239824-169
16Marmande 141112834-264
18pujol 140014826-180
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Lussac 0v0VDG
castillon2v1st philippe
duras 0v1moncaret
st supice 4v1archachon
bordeaux 2v1gensac
pujol 0v1libourne
Marmande 0v2Coutras
sauveterre 0v1bergerac
ruch 0v2gujan
pujol 1v2Lussac
Coutras 2v0castillon
moncaret 1v0archachon
ruch 1v2Marmande
sauveterre 0v2gensac
duras 0v0st philippe
VDG 1v0libourne
st supice 1v2bordeaux
gujan 1v0bergerac
pujol 0v1sauveterre
ruch 3v1archachon
st supice 2v0Marmande
libourne 3v0duras
bordeaux 3v0st philippe
Coutras 0v0moncaret
bergerac 1v0gensac
VDG 1v2gujan
sauveterre 2v2archachon
st philippe 3v0pujol
Marmande 0v1gensac
libourne 2v1st supice
duras 2v4Coutras
VDG 0v0bergerac
gujan 0v0moncaret
bordeaux 0v0Lussac
gensac 3v2st supice
VDG 3v1duras
bergerac 1v1Lussac
libourne 2v0ruch
Coutras 1v0archachon
moncaret 4v1Marmande
bordeaux 2v1pujol
gujan 1v0st philippe
st philippe 1v0archachon
ruch 1v1sauveterre
moncaret 2v2bergerac
st supice 2v1pujol
bordeaux 3v2duras
Marmande 1v2libourne
Lussac 1v2VDG
gensac 0v3Coutras
Marmande 0v2castillon
pujol 0v1bergerac
st supice 0v0duras
libourne 1v2Coutras
ruch 2v3Lussac
sauveterre 0v1bordeaux
VDG 2v1moncaret
st philippe 1v1gensac
castillon2v0st philippe
Marmande 0v4gujan
st supice 1v2VDG
duras 0v1sauveterre
bordeaux 1v2Coutras
pujol 1v2ruch
bergerac 1v0libourne
moncaret 0v0Lussac
pujol 2v3duras
moncaret 1v0gensac
archachon0v1st philippe
Marmande 1v2Lussac
st supice 2v2gujan
Coutras 0v0bergerac
ruch 1v3VDG
bordeaux 5v0sauveterre
bordeaux 2v2castillon
gensac 2v1pujol
st supice 0v1moncaret
ruch 2v2duras
libourne 0v0Lussac
VDG 0v0Coutras
gujan 4v1Marmande
sauveterre 1v1archachon
st philippe 0v1bergerac
duras 2v1archachon
VDG 2v1bordeaux
Marmande 0v4bergerac
libourne 1v0gensac
gujan 0v0Lussac
ruch 0v1moncaret
pujol 1v3Coutras
st supice 1v1st philippe
Coutras 1v1st supice
ruch 0v1gensac
sauveterre 0v2Lussac
moncaret 1v1libourne
bordeaux 3v2bergerac
duras 3v2Marmande
gujan 2v1archachon
st philippe 1v3VDG
duras 0v3castillon
st philippe 0v0Lussac
pujol 0v1gujan
Marmande 0v0archachon
moncaret 3v2sauveterre
libourne 2v1bordeaux
st supice 0v1bergerac
gensac 0v1VDG
ruch 0v1Coutras
duras 2v2gensac
ruch 2v2st supice
sauveterre 0v1st philippe
moncaret 1v0pujol
libourne 0v3gujan
Marmande 0v3bordeaux
Coutras 0v0Lussac

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