Let Me Play NCAA

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1(2) North Carolina HG7502230154765
2(3) UCLA DW8404226214124
3(1) Duke TW8404220259-394
4(4) Georgetown GJ7205179228-492

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(3) UCLA DW31v20(4) Georgetown GJ
(1) Duke TW21v35(2) North Carolina HG
(3) UCLA DW22v21(2) North Carolina HG
(1) Duke TW29v26(3) UCLA DW
(1) Duke TW29v26(3) UCLA DW
(4) Georgetown GJ20v41(2) North Carolina HG
(4) Georgetown GJ25v26(1) Duke TW
(4) Georgetown GJ33v30(3) UCLA DW
(2) North Carolina HG39v21(1) Duke TW
(3) UCLA DW23v32(2) North Carolina HG
(1) Duke TW38v40(4) Georgetown GJ
(4) Georgetown GJ17v34(2) North Carolina HG
(1) Duke TW26v40(3) UCLA DW
(3) UCLA DW28v24(4) Georgetown GJ
(1) Duke TW30v28(2) North Carolina HG

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