Ledvort Badminton Club Predictions 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Liam Magrady (A)10703169721
2William Ledvort (A)107031712521
3Ethan Magrady (A)106041611518
4Pam Ledvort (B)105051512315
5Angie Hans (B)105051515015
6John Kokoris (B)105051215-315
7Elissa Mary (B)104061116-512
8Anthony Diaz (A)10109618-123

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John Kokoris (B)2v1Pam Ledvort (B)
Elissa Mary (B)2v1Angie Hans (B)
Liam Magrady (A)2v1Ethan Magrady (A)
William Ledvort (A)2v1Anthony Diaz (A)
John Kokoris (B)2v1Elissa Mary (B)
Ethan Magrady (A)2v0Anthony Diaz (A)
William Ledvort (A)2v1Liam Magrady (A)
Angie Hans (B)2v1Pam Ledvort (B)
John Kokoris (B)2v1Angie Hans (B)
Liam Magrady (A)2v0Anthony Diaz (A)
Elissa Mary (B)2v1Pam Ledvort (B)
William Ledvort (A)2v1Ethan Magrady (A)
Anthony Diaz (A)2v0John Kokoris (B)
Liam Magrady (A)2v0Elissa Mary (B)
Ethan Magrady (A)2v1Pam Ledvort (B)
William Ledvort (A)2v1Angie Hans (B)
William Ledvort (A)2v1John Kokoris (B)
Ethan Magrady (A)2v0Elissa Mary (B)
Liam Magrady (A)2v1Angie Hans (B)
Pam Ledvort (B)2v0Anthony Diaz (A)
John Kokoris (B)2v1Ethan Magrady (A)
William Ledvort (A)2v0Elissa Mary (B)
Pam Ledvort (B)2v0Liam Magrady (A)
Angie Hans (B)2v1Anthony Diaz (A)
Liam Magrady (A)2v0John Kokoris (B)
Elissa Mary (B)2v1Anthony Diaz (A)
Angie Hans (B)2v1Ethan Magrady (A)
Pam Ledvort (B)2v1William Ledvort (A)
Pam Ledvort (B)2v0John Kokoris (B)
Angie Hans (B)2v1Elissa Mary (B)
William Ledvort (A)2v1Anthony Diaz (A)
Ethan Magrady (A)2v1Liam Magrady (A)
Elissa Mary (B)2v1John Kokoris (B)
Angie Hans (B)2v1Pam Ledvort (B)
Ethan Magrady (A)2v0Anthony Diaz (A)
Liam Magrady (A)2v1William Ledvort (A)
John Kokoris (B)2v1Angie Hans (B)
Pam Ledvort (B)2v1Elissa Mary (B)
Liam Magrady (A)2v0Anthony Diaz (A)
William Ledvort (A)1v2Ethan Magrady (A)

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