Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Kaizer Chiefs23143670432745
4Deportivo Wanka2310586051935
5Tristan Suarez23103104547-233
7RB Liepzip2394104248-631
8Golden Bush23101124862-1431
9Club Tijuana2355133663-2720
10AC Milan2354144062-2219

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Deportivo Wanka3v1Dunkerque
Club Tijuana3v1Tristan Suarez
AC Milan3v1RB Liepzip
Ajax4v5Golden Bush
Kaizer Chiefs0v3Sampdoria
Ajax3v3AC Milan
Golden Bush0v2Club Tijuana
RB Liepzip4v1Tristan Suarez
Kaizer Chiefs1v1Deportivo Wanka
Ajax2v1Club Tijuana
AC Milan1v1Dunkerque
Sampdoria0v3Tristan Suarez
Golden Bush0v1Deportivo Wanka
Kaizer Chiefs2v2RB Liepzip
Golden Bush2v7Sampdoria
Ajax2v3RB Liepzip
Deportivo Wanka4v3AC Milan
Tristan Suarez3v2Dunkerque
Club Tijuana1v2Kaizer Chiefs
Golden Bush2v1AC Milan
RB Liepzip1v3Dunkerque
Deportivo Wanka1v1Club Tijuana
Tristan Suarez1v3Kaizer Chiefs
Tristan Suarez5v3Sampdoria
RB Liepzip1v5Kaizer Chiefs
Deportivo Wanka6v3Golden Bush
Dunkerque3v0AC Milan
Club Tijuana1v9Ajax
Golden Bush4v2RB Liepzip
Deportivo Wanka6v1Sampdoria
Ajax6v2Tristan Suarez
AC Milan3v3Club Tijuana
Kaizer Chiefs6v2Dunkerque
Tristan Suarez2v0Club Tijuana
Deportivo Wanka1v2Dunkerque
RB Liepzip3v2AC Milan
Golden Bush2v0Ajax
Sampdoria0v5Kaizer Chiefs
Golden Bush2v1Kaizer Chiefs
Tristan Suarez2v0AC Milan
RB Liepzip3v3Sampdoria
Club Tijuana3v2Dunkerque
Deportivo Wanka1v4Ajax
AC Milan3v2Golden Bush
Dunkerque3v0RB Liepzip
Club Tijuana3v1Deportivo Wanka
Kaizer Chiefs4v2Tristan Suarez
Deportivo Wanka7v3Kaizer Chiefs
RB Liepzip0v1Tristan Suarez
Club Tijuana1v3Golden Bush
AC Milan0v5Ajax
Deportivo Wanka2v1Tristan Suarez
RB Liepzip2v2Club Tijuana
Golden Bush0v6Dunkerque
Sampdoria2v1AC Milan
Kaizer Chiefs3v4Ajax
AC Milan3v4Deportivo Wanka
Sampdoria2v2Golden Bush
Ajax1v0RB Liepzip
Dunkerque2v1Tristan Suarez
Kaizer Chiefs2v0Club Tijuana
RB Liepzip1v0Deportivo Wanka
Golden Bush1v3Tristan Suarez
Sampdoria1v3Club Tijuana
AC Milan2v5Kaizer Chiefs
Kaizer Chiefs3v2Sampdoria
Dunkerque3v2RB Liepzip
AC Milan3v2Tristan Suarez
Deportivo Wanka3v3Club Tijuana
Golden Bush1v6Ajax
Tristan Suarez2v2Kaizer Chiefs
Dunkerque4v2Club Tijuana
Sampdoria3v0Golden Bush
AC Milan3v2Deportivo Wanka
RB Liepzip3v0Ajax
RB Liepzip1v1AC Milan
Tristan Suarez2v2Club Tijuana
Golden Bush1v3Kaizer Chiefs
Dunkerque3v2Deportivo Wanka
Sampdoria2v3RB Liepzip
Tristan Suarez2v4Dunkerque
Club Tijuana0v7Kaizer Chiefs
Golden Bush2v0AC Milan
Deportivo Wanka3v3Ajax
RB Liepzip2v4Golden Bush
Deportivo Wanka5v1Sampdoria
Tristan Suarez1v0Ajax
Club Tijuana1v4AC Milan
Dunkerque5v0Kaizer Chiefs
AC Milan2v5Dunkerque
Ajax2v0Club Tijuana
Sampdoria2v0Tristan Suarez
Golden Bush3v5Deportivo Wanka
Kaizer Chiefs1v2RB Liepzip
Deportivo Wanka0v1RB Liepzip
Tristan Suarez1v0Golden Bush
Club Tijuana2v4Sampdoria
AC Milan1v2Kaizer Chiefs
Ajax4v1AC Milan
Golden Bush3v2Club Tijuana
RB Liepzip2v5Tristan Suarez
Kaizer Chiefs5v0Deportivo Wanka
Tristan Suarez2v2Deportivo Wanka
Club Tijuana0v3RB Liepzip
Dunkerque1v6Golden Bush
AC Milan0v3Sampdoria
Ajax2v5Kaizer Chiefs

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