League one

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Humza psg1110014634330
2Jonny real madrid1171323121122
3Felix Athlitico madrid117132521422
4Gareth dortmand1162324131120
5Jasom juventus116142823519
6Tongmee man united115242419517
7David cook napoli114252220214
8Kasey ac milan 114252221114
9Bayern munich alan green 114251422-814
10Chelsea thorpe11308726-199
11Mike barcalona 112181443-297
12Alan smith man city111010531-263

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Jasom juventus0v3Jonny real madrid
Gareth dortmand1v2Felix Athlitico madrid
Tongmee man united0v3Felix Athlitico madrid
Tongmee man united0v3Kasey ac milan
David cook napoli0v3Jasom juventus
Bayern munich alan green 0v3Tongmee man united
Bayern munich alan green 0v3Kasey ac milan
Bayern munich alan green 0v3Humza psg
Bayern munich alan green 0v3Gareth dortmand
Bayern munich alan green 0v3Felix Athlitico madrid
David cook napoli0v3Gareth dortmand
David cook napoli0v3Humza psg
David cook napoli0v3Jonny real madrid
Kasey ac milan 0v3Jonny real madrid
Alan smith man city0v3Mike barcalona
Alan smith man city0v3Kasey ac milan
Alan smith man city0v3Jasom juventus
Alan smith man city0v3Humza psg
Alan smith man city0v3David cook napoli
Chelsea thorpe0v3Kasey ac milan
Chelsea thorpe0v3Felix Athlitico madrid
Chelsea thorpe0v3David cook napoli
Chelsea thorpe0v3Bayern munich alan green
Chelsea thorpe0v3Jonny real madrid
Gareth dortmand2v0Mike barcalona
Jonny real madrid0v1Tongmee man united
Humza psg8v0Mike barcalona
Chelsea thorpe0v3Mike barcalona
Jasom juventus3v1Kasey ac milan
Jasom juventus0v6Humza psg
Tongmee man united4v0Mike barcalona
Jonny real madrid4v2Felix Athlitico madrid
Felix Athlitico madrid3v2Kasey ac milan
Alan smith man city0v5Gareth dortmand
Bayern munich alan green 1v1Jonny real madrid
Chelsea thorpe0v3Humza psg
Chelsea thorpe0v3Alan smith man city
Mike barcalona 3v3Kasey ac milan
Jasom juventus3v2Gareth dortmand
Jasom juventus6v2Felix Athlitico madrid
Tongmee man united3v3David cook napoli
Humza psg1v2Gareth dortmand
Alan smith man city0v5Tongmee man united
Mike barcalona 1v4Jonny real madrid
David cook napoli0v0Felix Athlitico madrid
Alan smith man city0v1Jonny real madrid
Gareth dortmand1v3Chelsea thorpe
Jasom juventus0v1Chelsea thorpe
Mike barcalona 2v4Bayern munich alan green
Jasom juventus3v3Bayern munich alan green
Tongmee man united1v1Gareth dortmand
David cook napoli3v2Kasey ac milan
Felix Athlitico madrid3v1Mike barcalona
Kasey ac milan 0v4Humza psg
Tongmee man united1v5Humza psg
Humza psg5v0Jonny real madrid
Alan smith man city2v4Felix Athlitico madrid
Alan smith man city0v1Bayern munich alan green
Jasom juventus6v0Mike barcalona
Kasey ac milan 2v2Gareth dortmand
Tongmee man united5v1Jasom juventus
David cook napoli1v2Bayern munich alan green
Humza psg5v0Felix Athlitico madrid
Chelsea thorpe3v1Tongmee man united
David cook napoli9v1Mike barcalona
Gareth dortmand2v1Jonny real madrid

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