Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Arham (Poland)119203833529
2Samm (Boca)1172228141423
3Dave (Leicester)1170436181821
4Charlie (Torino)115601871121
5Danny (CSKA)115242015517
6Joel (Swansea)113622013715
7Sam (Marseille)113441514113
8Adrian (Ajax)113441520-513
9Barry (Hoffe)11263916-712
10David (West Brom)111551024-148
11Alex (Villa)11038441-373
12Mark (Palace)11029230-282

Viewed 740 times

Joel (Swansea)0v0Sam (Marseille)
David (West Brom)0v0Barry (Hoffe)
Charlie (Torino)0v0Arham (Poland)
Charlie (Torino)0v0Alex (Villa)
Adrian (Ajax)0v0Sam (Marseille)
Arham (Poland)0v0Samm (Boca)
Joel (Swansea)0v0Adrian (Ajax)
Barry (Hoffe)0v0Sam (Marseille)
Adrian (Ajax)4v1Alex (Villa)
Danny (CSKA)4v1Adrian (Ajax)
Samm (Boca)2v1Dave (Leicester)
Joel (Swansea)4v2Dave (Leicester)
David (West Brom)2v4Dave (Leicester)
Joel (Swansea)1v3Danny (CSKA)
David (West Brom)1v3Samm (Boca)
Danny (CSKA)1v2Sam (Marseille)
Alex (Villa)2v4Danny (CSKA)
Arham (Poland)5v0Barry (Hoffe)
Barry (Hoffe)3v0Alex (Villa)
Charlie (Torino)2v2Joel (Swansea)
Charlie (Torino)3v2Sam (Marseille)
Mark (Palace)0v3Adrian (Ajax)
Mark (Palace)0v3Charlie (Torino)
Mark (Palace)0v3Barry (Hoffe)
Mark (Palace)0v3Samm (Boca)
Mark (Palace)0v3David (West Brom)
Arham (Poland)3v1Dave (Leicester)
Dave (Leicester)3v2Danny (CSKA)
Arham (Poland)9v0David (West Brom)
Samm (Boca)5v0Alex (Villa)
Samm (Boca)3v2Sam (Marseille)
Barry (Hoffe)0v0Charlie (Torino)
Barry (Hoffe)0v0Joel (Swansea)
Alex (Villa)0v0David (West Brom)
Danny (CSKA)0v0Barry (Hoffe)
Adrian (Ajax)0v0Charlie (Torino)
David (West Brom)0v0Joel (Swansea)
Adrian (Ajax)0v0Barry (Hoffe)
Alex (Villa)0v0Mark (Palace)
Sam (Marseille)0v0Mark (Palace)
Arham (Poland)3v0Mark (Palace)
Joel (Swansea)2v2Samm (Boca)
Sam (Marseille)3v2David (West Brom)
Dave (Leicester)4v0Mark (Palace)
Dave (Leicester)5v0Adrian (Ajax)
Dave (Leicester)2v3Charlie (Torino)
Charlie (Torino)4v0Danny (CSKA)
Arham (Poland)9v0Alex (Villa)
Danny (CSKA)2v0Samm (Boca)
Sam (Marseille)5v0Alex (Villa)
Arham (Poland)2v1Sam (Marseille)
Dave (Leicester)3v0Sam (Marseille)
Danny (CSKA)0v0David (West Brom)
Arham (Poland)2v1Joel (Swansea)
Adrian (Ajax)2v4Samm (Boca)
Adrian (Ajax)5v2David (West Brom)
Dave (Leicester)5v0Alex (Villa)
Barry (Hoffe)2v6Dave (Leicester)
David (West Brom)0v0Charlie (Torino)
Alex (Villa)1v6Joel (Swansea)
Mark (Palace)1v4Joel (Swansea)
Adrian (Ajax)0v4Arham (Poland)
Danny (CSKA)4v1Mark (Palace)
Charlie (Torino)3v1Samm (Boca)
Barry (Hoffe)1v5Samm (Boca)
Danny (CSKA)0v1Arham (Poland)

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