League one

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Matthew (Southampton)7520167917
2Aaron (W Ham)65013172415
3Leigh (Palace)7250127511
4Lewis (Newcastle)83231412211
5Alan (Leicester)73041418-49
6Gerard (Stoke)62131214-27
7Adrian (Watford)7142410-67
8Liam (Spurs)613213946
9Duane (L'pool)71331115-46
10Rhys (B'mouth)5005230-280

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Liam (Spurs)0v0Leigh (Palace)
Adrian (Watford)0v4Alan (Leicester)
Matthew (Southampton)5v2Alan (Leicester)
Duane (L'pool)0v0Gerard (Stoke)
Gerard (Stoke)1v4Lewis (Newcastle)
Alan (Leicester)3v2Duane (L'pool)
Aaron (W Ham)2v4Matthew (Southampton)
Leigh (Palace)0v0Adrian (Watford)
Adrian (Watford)0v0Liam (Spurs)
Matthew (Southampton)0v0Leigh (Palace)
Duane (L'pool)1v5Aaron (W Ham)
Lewis (Newcastle)2v1Alan (Leicester)
Rhys (B'mouth)1v4Gerard (Stoke)
Alan (Leicester)2v0Rhys (B'mouth)
Aaron (W Ham)2v0Lewis (Newcastle)
Leigh (Palace)2v2Duane (L'pool)
Liam (Spurs)2v3Matthew (Southampton)
Matthew (Southampton)0v0Adrian (Watford)
Duane (L'pool)3v3Liam (Spurs)
Lewis (Newcastle)2v2Leigh (Palace)
Rhys (B'mouth)0v14Aaron (W Ham)
Alan (Leicester)1v3Gerard (Stoke)
Leigh (Palace)2v0Rhys (B'mouth)
Liam (Spurs)0v2Lewis (Newcastle)
Adrian (Watford)0v3Duane (L'pool)
Duane (L'pool)0v2Matthew (Southampton)
Lewis (Newcastle)1v1Adrian (Watford)
Rhys (B'mouth)1v8Liam (Spurs)
Gerard (Stoke)1v2Aaron (W Ham)
Aaron (W Ham)6v1Alan (Leicester)
Leigh (Palace)6v3Gerard (Stoke)
Adrian (Watford)3v2Lewis (Newcastle)
Matthew (Southampton)2v1Lewis (Newcastle)

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