League of shadows

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Lee t141211135617437
2Filthydaddy 141022115813432
3Liz w14932110862430
4Jemma t1460891105-1418
5Cheryl o1442891105-1414
6Jolene s1434794102-813
7Gill b14311078118-4010
8Alexis b14131070126-566
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Gill b8v6Jemma t
Lee t10v4Gill b
Alexis b3v11Jemma t
Alexis b5v9Gill b
Filthydaddy 12v2Gill b
Liz w8v6Gill b
Jolene s5v9Jemma t
Alexis b2v12Cheryl o
Liz w8v6Jolene s
Liz w9v5Cheryl o
Filthydaddy 9v5Cheryl o
Lee t9v5Cheryl o
Alexis b3v11Jolene s
Jolene s3v11Lee t
Jemma t3v11Lee t
Liz w6v8Filthydaddy
Liz w8v6Lee t
Filthydaddy 7v7Lee t
Gill b8v6Cheryl o
Jemma t8v6Cheryl o
Jolene s8v6Cheryl o
Alexis b4v10Filthydaddy
Jolene s9v5Gill b
Filthydaddy 8v6Gill b
Filthydaddy 9v5Jemma t
Filthydaddy 8v6Jolene s
Liz w9v5Alexis b
Liz w7v7Jolene s
Alexis b4v10Lee t
Jemma t4v10Liz w
Jemma t5v9Lee t
Liz w7v7Cheryl o
Alexis b8v6Gill b
Lee t10v4Cheryl o
Alexis b7v7Jolene s
Cheryl o4v10Filthydaddy
Jemma t8v6Jolene s
Liz w10v4Gill b
Alexis b5v9Jemma t
Filthydaddy 5v9Lee t
Jolene s6v8Lee t
Lee t13v1Gill b
Liz w9v5Filthydaddy
Gill b6v8Cheryl o
Jemma t6v8Cheryl o
Alexis b7v7Cheryl o
Jolene s6v8Cheryl o
Gill b6v8Jemma t
Alexis b6v8Filthydaddy
Jolene s7v7Filthydaddy
Gill b7v7Jolene s
Alexis b7v7Liz w
Alexis b4v10Lee t
Filthydaddy 9v5Jemma t
Lee t12v2Liz w
Jemma t4v10Liz w

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