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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Springfield 12101145113431
2Ace FC1283133161727
3Z Fighters 1163229181121
4Mai Goro FC 124532826217
5The humbler 124171830-1213
6ABM FC113171729-1210
7Rangers 112271826-88

Viewed 147 times

Ace FC3v3Springfield
The humbler 2v2Mai Goro FC
Rangers 2v3Z Fighters
Springfield 5v1Ezad
The humbler 1v4Z Fighters
ABM FC3v6The humbler
ABM FC2v2Mai Goro FC
Ace FC1v0Rangers
Ace FC2v0Mai Goro FC
Springfield 3v0Rangers
Springfield 3v0Z Fighters
Ezad1v2ABM FC
The humbler 0v3Springfield
The humbler 0v5Ace FC
Mai Goro FC 4v1Ezad
Z Fighters 3v1Mai Goro FC
Ezad2v1The humbler
Rangers 2v2Z Fighters
Z Fighters 3v3Ace FC
Mai Goro FC 0v6Springfield
The humbler 1v4Mai Goro FC
Ezad1v3ABM FC
Rangers 4v1Ezad
ABM FC2v5Mai Goro FC
Ezad0v3Ace FC
Springfield 3v0The humbler
Mai Goro FC 3v3Rangers
Ace FC3v3Mai Goro FC
Springfield 4v1ABM FC
Ezad0v7Z Fighters
Springfield 4v1Ace FC
The humbler 0v2Ace FC
The humbler 2v1ABM FC
Rangers 2v4Springfield
Mai Goro FC 1v1Z Fighters
Springfield 2v3Z Fighters
Rangers 0v2The humbler
Mai Goro FC 3v0Ezad
The humbler 3v1Z Fighters
ABM FC2v0Rangers
Springfield 5v0Ezad
Z Fighters 2v0ABM FC
Rangers 2v4Ace FC