League B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1HMS Limited66003062418
2Kimptons Acoustic Solutions 64111751213
3Typhoo Tea Ltd622267-18
4Egerton House 62131316-37
6Digitel Europe 61141019-94
7Msoft 6024320-172
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Cabfind1v5HMS Limited
Kimptons Acoustic Solutions 6v0Digitel Europe
Egerton House 2v2Msoft
Digitel Europe 1v1Cabfind
Kimptons Acoustic Solutions 2v0Cabfind
HMS Limited4v2Egerton House
Typhoo Tea Ltd0v0Kimptons Acoustic Solutions
Egerton House 4v2Digitel Europe
Cabfind1v0Typhoo Tea Ltd
Msoft 0v8HMS Limited
Typhoo Tea Ltd2v0Egerton House
Digitel Europe 6v0Msoft
Msoft 1v2Cabfind
Typhoo Tea Ltd0v0Msoft
Kimptons Acoustic Solutions 5v2Egerton House
Digitel Europe 1v4HMS Limited
Msoft 0v2Kimptons Acoustic Solutions
HMS Limited6v0Typhoo Tea Ltd
Typhoo Tea Ltd4v0Digitel Europe
HMS Limited3v2Kimptons Acoustic Solutions
Cabfind1v3Egerton House

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