league B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1John Narrie760138182012
2Mark Lamb751134221211
3Neil Martin750238182010
4Rab Fegan6321252328
5Ross Shields7304292726
6Frank Clark7304292726
7Lee Ford72142531-65
8John Harvey61231929-104
9Ryan Ward60241533-182
10Brian Alexander60241236-242
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Brian Alexander4v4Ryan Ward
Neil Martin6v2Lee Ford
Rab Fegan6v2Frank Clark
John Harvey2v6John Narrie
Brian Alexander1v7Mark Lamb
Ross Shields2v6Neil Martin
Lee Ford2v6John Narrie
Rab Fegan4v4Mark Lamb
Ross Shields2v6Frank Clark
Neil Martin7v1John Harvey
John Narrie8v0Ryan Ward
Ross Shields3v5Mark Lamb
Neil Martin3v5Rab Fegan
Brian Alexander0v8Frank Clark
Mark Lamb5v3Ryan Ward
John Narrie5v3Neil Martin
Lee Ford3v5Ross Shields
Ross Shields3v5John Narrie
Rab Fegan4v4Ryan Ward
Brian Alexander4v4John Harvey
John Narrie5v3Mark Lamb
Lee Ford5v3Frank Clark
Ross Shields7v1Ryan Ward
John Harvey4v4Lee Ford
Mark Lamb5v3Lee Ford
Mark Lamb5v3Frank Clark
John Harvey3v5Frank Clark
Brian Alexander1v7Neil Martin
John Harvey5v3Ryan Ward
Neil Martin6v2Frank Clark
Rab Fegan5v3John Narrie
Rab Fegan1v7Ross Shields
Brian Alexander2v6Lee Ford

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